Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Are you a rock or a balloon?

In Jennyland, things are pretty simple. People fall into basically two categories - the rocks or the balloons.

If you're a rock, you're probably very grounded. You are dependable, strong, steadfast, and predictable. However, you tend to get stuck and might even sometimes be boring.

If you're a balloon, you're hard to pin down. You don't always do what you say, you may be physically/emotionally/mentally all over the place, you can be fragile and fickle. But.. you're fun and joyful.

We need each other. In fact, we would emotionally (and probably physically) die without each other.

Without some balloons in a rock's life, the rock would just get stuck in the ground, deeper and deeper, until it was lost to the earth. Without some rocks in a balloon's life, the balloon has no security, no center, and could just crazily fly away and burst in the sky. Now, of course, there are probably light rocks and heavy balloons and blah blah blah but remember, I said that in Jennyland, things are S.I.M.P.L.E.

I am a balloon. Definitely. There have been times in my life that I haven't really had many rocks around. Especially my childhood when my mom was drunk. I think I've come close to crazily flying away or bursting.

But God has always put rocks in my life. My rocks help me focus on what needs to be focused on. They are there when I need them. They stabilize me. They buttress me and make me feel safe.

My rocks also piss me off and sometimes rain on my parade. There's nothing that can drive a balloon crazier than a rock when you're not in the mood for a rock!

I usually have much more fun when I'm around other balloons but I'm likely to eat too much, drink too much, spend too much, drive too fast, or laugh until I pee! Things can escalate quickly when there is a bunch of balloons and nothing holding them down.

Some of my fellow balloons who bring me joy and make me laugh and skip (at least emotionally) are Doak and Barb and Tyler and Di and Amber and Bev and Pancha and Becky and Gay and Cindy and Kara and Rosie and Deon.

Some of my important living rocks are Donna and Nina and Charlie (even now, who'd a thunk it) and Shawnna and Josh and Elisa and Timi and Karen and Stan (no matter how long it's been since I've seen them).

When I type these lists, I'm aware of these facts and inconsistencies:
1. Lots of my rocks also feed me food. That's obviously comforting to me.
2. Shawnna is both a rock and a balloon.
3. So is Barb. Her spirituality and her cooking make her rock-like in my life.
4. So is Gay.
4. Rosie probably thinks that she's a rock in my life but she's really a balloon.

I could go on and on through all my facebook friends and divide people into rocks and baloons but right now, I'm BORING myself HORRIBLY so I can't imagine what I'm doing to you!

Suffice it to say, I'm so grateful for the rocks and balloons in my life.

And ask yourself, are you a rock or a balloon? And remember just because you see yourself as one or the other doesn't mean that other people see you the same way. Could I possibly be a rock in someone else's life?

Love you.

P.S. Can one skip emotionally? I think I do.


  1. i absolutely skip emotionally. especially since certain physical attributes make it physically unadvisable these days. ;)

    and i think most people would call me a rock. even though that makes me a bit of a party pooper at times.

    i like this theory: rocks and balloons.

  2. We earth-hugging rocks really need you balloons so we can vicariously enjoy the beautiful view from up there. -- Kathleen