Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thanks, Dianne!

My friend, Dianne, did me a great service by making me envious. She had the courage to have surgery two weeks ago that will help her lose weight.

The good Jenny was sooooo happy for her! Di is going to lose pounds and weight will not such a problem anymore.

The bad Jenny was green-eyed jealous and resentful.

And it really was half of one, six dozen of another (as my mom used to mistakenly say).

I'm too chicken to have surgery by choice. But Dianne's courage made me not want to be left behind. If I can continue to be conscious of my eating and not escape into Jennyland fat oblivion, next time Di visits from Boston, we will both be healthier, more flexible, and not take up so much physical space.

Thank you, Dianne. I know that it's tough to have surgery and it can be frustrating during the recovery period. But remember, you've not only helped yourself - you've also helped me.

The angel on my shoulder won out.

And we won't have to try to hide our chins anymore.

I love you, Di.


  1. I don't know about being any hero, but thanks. You have always been a Hero in my mind. I love you and miss you more than you'll ever know. As soon as I can fit in the damn plane seat I'll be out to visit ;) Maybe early December! We can have early Xmas at your place ( i know the tree will be up :) xo, Di

  2. I know. But it's MY blog so the pictures had to be flattering of me.

    I know. The devil on my shoulder won this one.

  3. LMFAO! Whatever makes you feel good love!

  4. I've been considering bariatric surgery also. I've done some research and just the surgery itself reverses Type II Diabetes which I've had since 2003. You walk in diabetic, you walk out not in 80% of the cases. Seems to get some hormone in your intestines near your stomach jostled into working again. Pretty amazing.

    I have your fear of surgery also...and the lifestyle change which I don't like...and the cost. Hmmmm...

    Lisa B.

  5. Oh...and you need to know, Jenn, that I've lost 40 lbs since coming to Los Alamos. 30 more to go. Not tricks, no diets, just eating less. Kind of what you're doing.

    Lisa Brenner