Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's Nuts and Bolts (besides me)


To those who love me. Well, actually this is directed to those who love me and eat with me.
This is what I need from you.

If we go out to eat and you're willing to half something with me, let's do it. I'm not good at being like Barb and eating half my meal and asking for the other half to be put in a take-home box. I just eat it when I get in the car.

But..... if we actually share a meal, and I see the other half go in your mouth, I'll probably be less likely to want it. And I promise I won't try to get it.

And if I eat dinner at your house, will you fill my plate? I have absolutely no sense of portion control. And don't let me have seconds. Once is enough. Actually, it would help if you fill my plate even if I invite you to dinner at my house.

I know I'm talking silly but I'm really being serious. It takes a village to raise a child? It takes a village for me to lose weight. I mean, I'm putting this out there. Me in all my fat and glory. This is stuff that I've tried to hide since 1985. I will be forever thankful to Facebook for bringing me out of the fat closet. I used to hide when I went to Lubbock so no one I knew would see me fat. I have memories of skulking in the aisles of Hastings to stay hidden from Alan Burke, someone I deeply loved and wanted to see. And I will actually never forgive myself for letting my fat keep me from seeing my friend, Don Stapleton, before he died. I was just too ashamed of myself to go see him - until it was too late.

So, I'm being my sincere self. It will help me if, when we go out to eat, you share a meal with me. If you want your own food, that's OK. But, if you're willing to share, let me know.

And please don't ever feel timid about reminding me of this blog. Remember, I go to an oblivious place (I think it's Jennyland) where I'm skinny and I can eat anything I want. I can even go to that oblivious place while crammed into a restaurant booth so tightly that my belly hurts.

And, if I eat at your house, think of me as a four-year-old who needs her plate made. This is one area where I want to remain immature.

Does anyone want to take me on as a project?


  1. we don't eat together often enough for me to make this commitment and have it actually have an affect, but i hope someone does. i'd totally split my meals with you. although you might have to fight off my kids since they are usually eating off my plate already.

    i love that you are putting this out there. LOVE IT! what better way to get help than to ask for it. bravo, Jenny!

  2. i have often thought of getting a little bowl that would only fit a well portioned size, of course it would have to be a pretty green leafy bowl. it would be one i could take out in a restaurant and fit just the right amount in.
    the reason i can take half home and not be tempted to eat them is i don't feel they belong to me. years ago i was selfish with my leftovers writing my name on the styrofoam in big, bold letters. KEEP OUt is essentially what I wrote. then i started begging my kids to eat them or handed them out the window to a homeless person. i gave up ownership of them mentally.
    removing half of each meal from my plate before i even start eating at a restaurant became a ay of life years ago. it hasn't made me skinny but i can't begin to eat until i get half off my plate. it is ingrained in my head from weigh down. i only wish more good habits were.