Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today's Nuts and Bolts (besides me)

I'm sitting here hungry. I can feel my stomach growling. I've got the Sunday night blahs and I hope I'm not setting myself up.

This week:
* Work (which I'm feeling somewhat ambivalent about)
* Annual physical (which I am dreading right now and know that the dread will turn to anxiety and possibly puredee terror by the Tuesday appointment)
* Fear of the unknown (which always accompanies a doctor's appointment for me)
* Missing Nina
* Lots of chores planned

I need to focus on what I'm looking forward to:
* Friday, we get off work early for the homecoming parade (always a big deal in this small town and I LOVE it because it's such a social occasion - for reals!)
* The homecoming game on Friday night (again, I love it because I get to visit with lots of friends and people watch - my favorite activity)
* Three-day weekend
* My usual Thursday night escapades at DeColores
* And the tiny things like the premiere of Desperate Housewives that starts in thirty minutes and the new show that starts tonight, Pan Am (I'm easy to please)

I also need to get up and eat.

I KNOW what I need to do. Now, please give me the determination to do it.

Love. As always.


  1. Karen just informed me that it's NOT a three day weekend! DURN!

  2. You know, just caught up on your blogs and have to admit, I have often considered having a surgery to close a portion of my stomach, so that I might lose weight easier.

    My Doctor said that I should slow down on that option (I suppose he meant try something else first). The difficulty being, he's right, if I were a normal person with a normal relationship to food, I'd just eat less, but I'm not. I'm really pretty screwed in the head where food is concerned and so I'm nearly 100lbs over-weight.

    I have decided to try the Atkins diet and go see a therapist first though. I'm not at all sure I couldn't eat so much even with a stapled stomach that I'd stretch out the remaining part of my stomach. --love ya Jenn, Mike