Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm On A Money Diet, Too!

Barb is helping me manage my money. I think she thought it was a choice of either helping me manage it or supporting me. She came up with a wonderful idea that I LOVE! And its worked for the last two weeks!

Barb ordered these really cute coupon holders. One for herself and one for me. I got the beautiful brown and pink one - my favorite color combination.

Inside, we labeled a divider for each day of the week, a separate one for "weekend", and then dividers for gas, groceries, savings, receipts, lists, coupons, cards, driver's license, and miscellanous.

In Barb's, I snuck in an extra divider that says "gifts for Jenn".

At the beginning of the week, I withdraw a certain amount for the week and divide it evenly throughout the days, with the same amount for the "weekend" (in addition to what's there for Saturday and Sunday). I also put enough for one fill-up per week in the gas section and a little extra in the groceries section.

It all comes up to $250 per week. I really SHOULD be able to live on that. When I have it, I usually spend much more - on doo-dads and thingamajigs and chi-chis and happy crap (insert whatever word your family happens to call that shit that you don't need but buy anyway).

If I can do this, I should not run out of money between paychecks as I tend to do.

Its another opportunity to practice "living consciously" and "self-control". Aren't those nice words?

Awwww, who am I kidding, its a DAMN BUDGET!


  1. Oh boy do I have something to tell you!

    But it'll have to wait til our first official Tuesday "girl's night"!!

    You, me, a shared dinner and a shared secret!

    Can you stand it???

  2. I'm so proud of you Jen! We are working on re-figuring our own budget and learning to better manage money. It's just a battle of wills and learning to tame the beast that makes us want to spend! Hey, NOT spending gives you time to make that jewelry!