Monday, October 17, 2011


Have you ever tried to make a list of the fun activities that just bring you joy? Activities that make you smile - both on the outside and the inside?

It's much harder than you think. In fact, off the top of my head, I could only think of 15 activities in 15 minutes.

Do this with me and make your Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy list. But do it quickly - off the top of your head - and don't try to get too intellectual or too goody-goody.

I KNOW how much being with your family brings you joy. (All the time, right?)
I KNOW how much you love to cuddle with your pets.
I KNOW how much internal joy you feel from being in touch with your personal Higher Power.....

I'm talking FUN STUFF. Guilty pleasures.

NO!!!!! NOT THAT GUILTY PLEASURE!! G-rated only here on my blog!

Here's my "off the top of my head" Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy list:
1. Being in a swimming pool - bouncing, somersaulting.
2. Driving around looking at Christmas lights and decorations.
3. Being with my cousins.
4. Being on boats on lakes, on cruise ships, on house boats, etc.
5. Being around streams and rivers.
6. Being in hot tubs.
7. Having my house all decorated for Christmas and waiting for people to arrive.
8. Four-wheeling (but not out of control four-wheeling).
9. Meeting friends for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks.
10. Open Houses.
11. Afternoon naps.
12. Visiting funky roadside attractions.
13. Going to restaurants.
14. Being anywhere in Texas.
15. Exploring (which sometimes includes being in places I'm not supposed to be).

Now, what's yours?

While making my list, I was aware that #9 and #13 are the only two activities on my list that I do on a regular basis. I don't think that's very emotionally healthy. I think we should be doing something on our HHJJ list every day - or at least, every week.

No wonder I eat!

If I found the time and opportunities to more frequently participate in the activities that bring me happiness and joy, would I overeat?

Is that the hole I'm filling?

I can also work on expanding my HHJJ list. Like, I know from my past life as a married person, that I love to go camping in a camper. I haven't figured out how to have a camper or go camping since I became a single person. Maybe I can work on that.

I can also work at changing my attitude and outlook on life so I feel joyful more on a daily basis. Can I find the feeling of HHJJ from my daily activities? Cleaning the cat box? Brushing my teeth?

That, I don't know.

P.S. Reading over my list, I realize I need to live by a stream that feeds into a lake, with my own swimming pool and hot tub, close to all my friends and cousins, within easy proximity to restaurants and fun attractions, in Texas. Then, I'd definitely feel HHJJ!!!!


  1. But Jenn! I KNOW you get some HHJJ from your job! Think of all those smiles and hugs you get! And you didn't write down playing cards, or goofing around on Facebook or playing with your animals. I think you should start a HHJJ BOOK - every day you can write down the things that made you happy, and then, when you're down, you can look at the book and it will help you to be happy again - WITHOUT eating!

  2. Jenn, you inspired me to write mine. It took about 5 min!

    Watching puppies play
    Hiking in nature on a sunny beautiful day
    Dance - anything
    Make ballroom dance routines in my head
    Really connect with people
    Inspire people and get inspired from them
    Watching my shows : GG, Rachel Zoe, Project Runway
    Exploring new unfamiliar territories
    Finding a purpose / defining a goal
    Exciting project that I want to do
    Finding new ways of wearing things
    Professional blow dry / mani
    Winning something!
    Making a prank on/scaring someone, esp Rohan
    Carnivals/ dress up parties
    Dipping in the ocean or any source of relatively warm water
    Seeing or learning about any type of cute animals