Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's Nuts and Bolts (besides me)

GGGRRRRR! I'm still so mad at myself!

I weighed more this morning.

So, I've got to take a deep breath and plan out today. It's going to be a hard day to plan because I'm going to a spaghetti dinner birthday party tonight. There will be chips and dips (I'm in charge of bringing them). There will be alcohol. There will be spaghetti and bread and salad and cake.

My Plan For The Party:
1. I can do without chips and dip. I'll just eat salsa with a spoon.
2. I will have one two glasses of wine. And I'll make sure I take Diet Coke.
3. I'll have a skinny person fill my plate. I can have lots of salad and a skinny person's idea of a serving of spaghetti. (A skinny person's idea of a serving is MUCH different than mine.)
4. I can do without bread or cake.

Bread, cake, chips, dip ---- I like all that stuff but I really can pass on it.

It's the portion size of spaghetti that will get me. And the wine.

My Plan For The Rest Of Today:
1. I don't want to go to the Y because my knee hurts but I'm going to anyway. I will walk one mile. That's all. No weights.
2. I'm going to start stuffing water down me now. To fill me up and flush me out.
3. I have a Lean Cuisine for lunch and I've had yogurt and coffee for breakfast.
4. I'll go home early from the party and crawl in bed with Mad Men on the computer.

I'm really trying to focus on what I'm WILLING to do - not what I SHOULD do.
I SHOULD just not go to the party. That would be safest. But am I willing? No.
I SHOULD just drink Diet Coke. That would be best. But am I willing? No.
I SHOULD just have salad. That would have least calories. But am I willing? No.
I SHOULD do an extra workout at the Y. That would help. But am I willing? No.

I think really trying to be honest with myself about what I'm willing to do - and then praying for willingness - is a key for me.

Thou shalt not should on thyself.

Any other ideas?


  1. Take one of your pretty little bowls to eat your spaghetti out of. This will give you portion control and make you feel special. My mom is a skinny eater and she has certain dishes and glasses she consumes certain things out of. Praying for you. Pray for me I am not nearly as obedient as you.

  2. Can you allow yourself to have just a few chips with a teeny bit of dip? Or is that like a gateway drug? They can be for me but I am usually okay in public. That food just can not be brought into my house.