Monday, October 31, 2011

Trying To Act Like A Skinny Eater


This morning, I weight 230. Down 14 pounds from when I started blogging in the middle of September.

Tonight, in my boycott of Halloween, I had dinner with Barb at Chili's. I was feeling pretty cocky (that is SO not a word to describe a female) about my weight loss and the fact that I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. I'd been saving my calories because I knew I wanted a drink.

I wanted to try something new in the drink department so I ordered a pomegranate martini. It was my first martini ever. Yuck! Tasted like perfume. AND it had over 200 calories!! The positive thing about it was that it tasted so much like alcohol that I only had one.

Chili's has good deals because you can get two meals for twenty bucks. The problem with that is that it includes an appetizer. And their guacamole is great! I ate my share.

Barb and I both ordered chicken fajitas. That's always a good choice for me because I just eat the chicken and veggies (and ketchup). I can do without the tortillas, cheese, and sour cream.

Now, Barb is my friend who always gets a to-go container before she starts eating, divides her food in half, and takes the other half to her husband.

I did that, too.

Unfortunately, I don't have a husband.

So, I decided I better eat mine -

Right out of the container -


Oh, well.... it was Halloween after all. And at least I didn't break my elbow.



  1. LOL! Well, putting it in the container is the first step....getting it out the door is the next....eating it for lunch the next day is the ultimate goal. :) Way to go sista on the 14 pounds! Go Jenny, go Jenny!!! Luv ya!

  2. What Diane said... You are such a nut. I have enjoyed you immensely over the years. Get down to your weight and I'll marry you so you can bring it home to me.

    You better watch your backside!

    "Get down to your weight and I'll marry you....."

    If I'm worth marrying, I'm worth marrying NOW.
    I'm not saying I want to marry you - or marry anybody - but that kind of comment is what is making me fighting mad at men in general!!

    I hate it when my worth as a woman is totally tied to my weight!

    Ooooooooooh, MEN!

  4. Nice comment Jenn! Very true and glad you said it

  5. Wish he was in town so I could punch him in his gut whatever size it is. Disgusting man comment for sure.

  6. Joe, you're getting the women riled up!

    You better take that back! ;-)