Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Do YOU Want The Next Poll To Be?

Poll results (honestly)...

1. Most people call a scarf a scarf. Does anyone else call it a muffler? Is that just in Jennyland? Is that just a McAuley family trait? Did I just make that up?

2. Most people think "interesting" has 4 syllables.

3. 10 out of 19 people pronounce "interesting" with 3 syllables instead of 4. Now, I just don't believe that. The ONLY person I've ever heard say in-ter-est-ting on a regular basis is Barb Barber. You other guys are just covering for her. ;-)

Give me some fun poll ideas! I LOVE polls!!


1 comment:

  1. my family calls a sofa a davenport and a sliding door an arcadia door. or you could blog about how many of us tuck our napkin under our roll where it couldn't possibly catch dropped food or escape onto the floor.