Sunday, October 2, 2011

Winter In Jennyland

It's cool and rainy today in Los Alamos. I'm finding myself "nesting". What that means in my life is cleaning the house while smiling.

Usually, cleaning house is C.L.E.A.N.I.N.G. H.O.U.S.E. - and it is a chore. Here at my house, "nesting" only comes a couple of times a year and its related to some unfamiliar, alien form of domestication.

I think it's because it's getting close to WINTER.

Winter is not my favorite season. In fact, I'm quite aware that I would do best if I lived in a climate where I could get into an outdoor swimming pool eleven months out of the year.

But there is a purpose in my life for winter. I don't want Thanksgiving and Christmas out by the pool. I do need a little bit of cold weather so I can perform my yearly cold weather rituals and traditions.

If I lived in Jennyland all the time, there would be thirty days of winter and this is what it would be like:

Day 1: Clean while smiling (nest) and make the house all snug and cozy. This includes moving my living room furniture closer together. Don't ask me why. Today, I've shrunken my living room by jamming everything a foot closer. I think its some relationship in my head between crowded and cozy.

Day 2: Cook (read: have SOMEONE ELSE cook) my winter foods - stew, chili, stew, french onion soup, stew, pot roast, stew. I love stew.

Day 3: Decorate for Christmas. Really, if I cut to the chase, what I really want is eleven months out by the pool and one month in the living room watching Christmas tree lights.

Day 4: Continue to decorate for Christmas. I have lots of Christmas decorations.

Days 5 - 12: A week-long Thanksgiving holiday. One day for eating food that someone else cooks, six days for traveling, visiting, shopping, and napping.

Day 13: Make fun Christmas cookies and candies. Preferably this would be with Karen Petersen and we would make the same cookies and candies that we did one day 29 years ago. And, no, that isn't the last time I did holiday baking, just the last I remember. I'm sure I've done it since then.

Days 14 - 15: Let it snow. Get snowed in with my friends. Drink hot chocolate, watch old movies, take a walk in the snowy evening. But at the end of Day 15, it must dry up.

Days 16 - 22: Go to holiday parties. Lots of them. I love parties! There should be a variety of white elephant gift parties, drawing names for gifts parties, sober parties, tipsy parties, luncheon parties, evening parties, dress-up parties, and cookie exchanges (as long as Halo Golden gives me homemade cookie dough so I can look like I did the work).

Days 23 - 26: Christmas at my house with my family (including my family of friends). Of course, we're in Jennyland so EVERYONE will get along - no crabbiness, no snottiness, and NO YELLING THE "F" WORD IN THE FRONT YARD LIKE LAST YEAR! (OK, I have to admit it. I was the one who did that.)

Days 27 - 39: Holiday travel. I need to get to Texas to see EVERYBODY. I need to get to Ojo a couple of times, maybe Pagosa. And I'd really like to get up to Idaho during the winter season to sit in Heise Hot Springs.

Day 40: Have someone else take the Christmas tree down and get the house back in order for.....

Days 41 - 365: Hang out at the pool every day.

OK, so I made winter into a 40 day season. I'm still OK as long as I have the other 325 days to lounge in a deck chair, pretend snorkel, and do somersaults in the swimming pool.



  1. can I come live in Jennyland???

    I'll even clean up after who ever cooks for us!