Wednesday, November 30, 2011

20 Pounds continued....

There is a BIG difference between 140 and 120.

Unfortunately, there is not a big difference between 244 and 224. At this weight, you can't really see a 20-pound loss. Nor can I really tell in my clothing.

BUT. I know that 20 pounds is gone. I have to trust the scales.

The mirror and the clothes will change if I'm patient. Right?

(Need reassurance here.)

It would also help if I exercised.

I've been sitting here trying to think about what weighs 20 pounds.
Nurdy weighs 20 pounds.

So did my slutty Thanksgiving turkey.

I've lost a small dog. Or a turkey slut.

Me minus 20


  1. Dont be disheartned - and 20 pounds for me - well i measure them in packs of butter or pound bags of sugar... its nice and visual, and looks like a whole heap!!

    What you could also do -is get a big basket, and throw in 20 lbs of rocks, nice pretty ones, maybe ones you've painted... keep this by your fireplace or somewhere nice, and then every time you loose a couple more pounds, add the same weight in pebbles / rocks whatever.

    Now, i've no idea if you live any where near where there are rocks, but if not you could do it 1 pound = 1 pinecone, or 1 pound = something else that is easy to collect.

    A guy in my WW class keeps a pillow case under the stairs (several now) and adds a pound of rice to it for each loss to show his kids. Its cute.

    Well done - and get off your butt... i am guessing there was no walk but there was wine yesterday!! :-) Shit happens - don't worry.

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I totally saw the slutty turkey. You are funny! I am glad my blog was able to help you pinpoint some stuff. 20 pounds is huge...20 one pound boxes of butter...or 80 sticks of butter. This is my favorite one because it's a near direct corollary. lol. Great job, and can do this.

  3. Deezer and Christine - thank you so much for your ideas!
    I really like the basket of rocks. I love rocks anyway and I live in New Mexico where there are many beautiful ones. I'm going to start with that. Right next to my fireplace - like you suggested, Deezer.

  4. Great!! Enjoy your basket of rocks!! :-) I am so glad that you replied - i massively regret not having my own blog - you make heaps of friends this way!!

    Right, WW weight in tomorrow - so me and my pint of water are off to our leaba (that's bed in irish!)