Monday, November 14, 2011

Epic Failure

Well, that didn't work....

Eating before I go somewhere is not a strategy for me - because I just go ahead and eat when I get there, too.

Before Bunco = Subway. Sounded like a good plan, didn't it?

At Bunco.....
* massive amounts of veggies - so far, so good...
* salsa
* soup - barely hanging in there...
* goldfish crackers - I don't even really like them...
* almond roca candy - things are going to hell in a hand basket now...
* honey mustard pretzels - I could have eaten the whole box...
* m&m's - need I say more?

The only things I stayed away from was the bread and the wine. Oh, and the apples.

And, then..... I won a prize for losing the most Bunco games. Really.
And my prize was a cookbook.

And this is what I've been doing since I got home.
Marking the pages (in the slow cooker section) that sound good.

And this is the one I really want. Right now.

OK. Lessons learned. I hope.

I decided it was time to blog.


  1. I swear everytime you write something it is as if I'm writing it... except for the Subway. Subway = gross. Question for you... do you drink soda or coffee? Keep going..... I'm right behind you! Minor

  2. Cookbook tip-after you make something put a smiley face if you liked it or a frown if you didn't. You can use sticky notes to mark pages and then it won't be all crinkled when I borrow it. 8)