Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome To The Monday Morning TAP Meeting!

Good Morning! Welcome to the Monday Morning TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY, and PLAN meeting in Jennyland!

My name is Jenny and I weigh 233.5 pounds.

Hi, Jenny..

Hi. I've had a three pound gain since this time last week and I HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE it.

Jenny, I'm glad you came clean about your weight today. Why do you think it happened?

Well, I just wasn't careful. I didn't binge but I ate what I knew I should eat - then a little bit more. All weekend.

For example, I ate half a bowl of spaghetti sauce at Becky's on Saturday, but then while cleaning her kitchen, I ate three big serving spoons right out of the spaghetti sauce pot! Last night, I ordered grilled chicken salad and I ate that, then some of Elisa's fajita chicken and veggies - and half her bowl of beans.

I ....... cheated.
And I didn't exercise. Not all week.

What did you learn from this week?

Well, Invisible Person, I learned lots of things, I think.

1. I learned not to order a damn salad at a Mexican food restaurant. Why set myself up that way? It makes me feel like I have to eat the salad because I bought it, and then, I have to eat someone else's Mexican food to feel fulfilled. I would have had probably half the calories if I had just ordered chicken fajitas for myself in the first place.

2. I learned I really need to work on stronger boundaries around my PLANNED meals. Just like I "nickle-and-dimed" myself into the poor house, I can "just-one-tiny-bite" myself into the fat house. At Becky's house, the serving spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce, the two bites of cake, the cleaning out the olive bowl by cramming them in my mouth, the cleaning the cake plate by using my finger to get all the leftover icing....... those strategies don't seem to work for me.

I have to stop being the one to clean up. ;-)

3. I learned that I easily spin out of control. What triggers my spinning is lack of planning, a change in plans, being emotionally unsettled with fear/sadness/ exhaustion/hunger, and alcohol. I need to do whatever I can to ward off those spinny things.

So, Jenny.... what are your intentions THIS week to make things go smoother?

Well, I only have four days of work, then I'm spending the long weekend in Albuquerque.
So here's my plans for the next four days:
* Go to the Y three days this week and get on the treadmill - even if its only for five minutes. My knee is really hurting today, but I can do anything - ANYTHING - for five minutes.
* Eat at home or eat Subway. Even a whole can of tomato soup and cheese toast at my house probably has less calories than most things I eat in a restaurant. And Subway is always safe for me. I need to stay in my safety zones this week. Unfortunately, my kitchen is one of my safe places. I don't pig out at my own house.
* DRINK WATER. So far today? None. I have to decide on a MINIMUM and at least make myself drink that much. I can do days without any pure water.
* No alcohol. It's just empty calories. And it makes me more impulsive and more at risk of saying "what the hell....".
* Read the first lesson in the book, A Course In Weight Loss.

Thank you, Jenny.

Now it's time to stop monopolizing the meeting and let other people have their turn.

Shhhhhhhh, Jenny! I know I'm invisible but I'm still in charge of this meeting!!

Would anyone else like to share their intentions for this week?


  1. Yes, I would like to share. I am going to work hard this week to keep my lips shut and only say things I should. This will be challenging for me because I often speak before I think. Not a smart practice for me.

  2. Thank you, Barb, for sharing your intention for the week with us.
    Both of us have a problem with opening our mouths before thinking - me to put something in it, you to let something come out of it.
    Love you.

  3. You should try water aerobics. It is much better for your knees and you like being in the water. I found out that one key thing for weight loss is burning off more calories than you eat. Today I burned 423 calories walking on the treadmill at 3.5mph for an hour on mostly flat. I only inclined up to three levels at the end. When I started back to the gym I started at 15min and increased to 30min then 45 and now an hour goes by sooo quickly. At the beginning 15minutes felt like 2hours!! My knees don't bother me as much now either. I'd like to do the water thing but it's just so damn expensive here to join any club with a pool. :(

  4. Hi Jenny -

    I would also like to share! I am down from 204 pounds in January to 156 and my goal is to get my 50 pound cert from weight watchers this week. I am way behind schedule for where I thought I would be when I started my journey - but any way - I am trying!

    I am going to only have sandwiches at lunch time - no soups from the canteen, no crisps and no unhealthy snacks.
    I will eat at least 5 fruit and veg a day
    I will walk to / from work every day and do boot camp and a jog during the week
    All the crappy things that are happening to my family are not going to make me stuff my face with chocolate.
    I get weighed on Friday, and Saturday night will be my treat night - then it will be back on track after that!!

    And my ultimate goal - I am not going to have any chips (you guys call them french fries) until after Christmas - they are a waste of time and calories!

  5. Deezer! Welcome to the meeting! You are a success story! I am so impressed. How did you get from 204 to 156. By Weight Watchers only?
    Your intentions sound good. Especially the part about not letting all the crappy things that are happening to your family make you stuff your face! That may be the hardest part. Not "feeding" our feelings.
    Thanks for sharing! Do you have a blog?

  6. Hi Jenneil,

    No, it was a combination of weightwatchers and excercise. I'd never had a problem doing excercise, and i used to always go to the gym - but my weight kept creeping up (snacking and eating crap is not ok even when u are doing some excercise). Then my mum joined weight watchers, and she only needed to loose 14lbs, she kinda gave me a hard time over the years over weight, because she just didn't want to see me unhealthy, depressed and at risk for other illnesses. Any way, bull by horns in Jan and i joined WW. Then I bought a bike (a real one, not stationary) through work - ireland has a great scheme where employers can buy bikes for their staff for very low cost with lots of tax breaks - so then i started with a bit of a cycle or gym for an hour in the evenings. Maybe 4 times a week. Then I moved in with my boyfriend and out of the city centre and committed to cycling in and out of work - so that was 45 mins each way - that was in June. Most of the weight was off by then though.

    But, all through this i enjoyed beers - just not the crappy after beer food, and once a week or else i earned me some more points for it by doing a big big big walk or something on the weekend. I also enjoyed carbs, pizzas, KFC (once) and other delights - i went on holidays, 2 weeks to portugal, the land of bread and wine, gained 5.5 pounds and lost it 2 weeks later.

    I found the most helpful thing about WW was that there were other people there, they were very supportive, and that my leader was nice and chatty with the class participation - i've made some good weight loss allies - and i've 12lbs to go to goal... and counting.

    I really wish that i had started blogging this journey, but when i started i thought it was going to be 7 months, not a year - so i didn't think there was a point!!

    If you ever want to vent - or want some support - or dinner ideas - i have LOADS of them then drop me a line!