Monday, November 21, 2011

What Thanksgiving Really Is And Whether Or Not I'm Gay


Gotcha to read this, huh?

"Thanksgiving is just another meal."

This is a quote from a wonderfully motivating blog that I read called Kris Gets Healthy. His blog today is titled "Welcome To Hell Week".

We're having a very small Thanksgiving this year.
We're waiting to go to Texas at Christmas..
My foster daughter, Elisa, is spending the day with friends in Albuquerque..
Nicole is staying in California until Christmas..
Dianne moved to Boston....

So it's just Donna (one of my oldest friends - not my gay partner in case anyone was wondering)........................................

I have to make this disclaimer because, since becoming single nearly ten years ago, I have experienced people thinking that about Donna and me! It used to be Donna, Charlie, and I were best friends. We used to travel together, go out to eat together, spend holidays together.... And, no, not as a threesome!
Donna is the closest thing I have to a sister.
When Charlie announced that he was leaving, his words were "I leaving you. I'm in love with someone else and she is arriving today. Do you want to call Donna?"
Then he handed me the cordless phone and walked out the door.
Donna was there in a heartbeat.
As I have written before, Donna is one of my rocks - maybe my biggest rock. She is my rock in both positive and negative ways - she grounds me and is part of the group of people that make up my human security blanket. But she also pisses me off and rains on my balloon parade. (See my blog about balloons and rocks if this isn't making sense to you.)
Anyway, WE'RE NOT GAY!!! We travel together, we spend holidays together.... but we both like men! We just can't find any!!!

And, believe me.... if I was gay, I would talk about it. Ya know?

So, back to the original topic.....
This Thanksgiving dinner is just going to be Donna, Nina, Tyler, and me.


I went to the grocery store planning to get a TURKEY BREAST to put in the crockpot, some sweet potatoes to roast, and Christmas lights for the tree.

I came out of the store with the 20-pound turkey, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pudding makings. This was along with all the regularly needed staples, the Christmas lights, and a little purple Christmas tree.

Barb (who is my grocery store shopping partner - again, not gay) had to loan me some money.

* Turkey
* Cornbread dressing (I'm buying this from a specialty store in Albuquerque)
* Cranberry sauce
* Roasted sweet potatoes (with teriyaki sauce and cilantro)
* Mashed potatoes (for everyone else - I'm really going to try to eat only a little)
* Roasted brussels sprouts (which I may be the only one who eats)
* Pumpkin pie (a frozen one for Donna - I won't eat it)
* Pumpkin pie pizza (from Tyler - I'll eat a piece)
* Low fat pumpkin pudding (made with non-fat vanilla yogurt and low-cal whipped topping)
* Rolls (which I can pass on)

I'll also get ice cream for Tyler and Nina since that is their favorite dessert.

Damn...... as I read this, I realize that I really don't 'get' that "Thanksgiving is just another meal".

One doesn't have to list one's menu, one's grocery list, and BLOG about "just another meal", does one? (Trying for very proper English here.)

I eat "meals" all the time and don't blab to you about every little thing. (Well, close but not quite.)

How do you put a FOOD HOLIDAY in perspective?

I really and truly don't know. Give me your ideas and I'll think about this, too.

To be continued.........

P.S. In reading this over, I have three comments:
1. I got Donna in the divorce!
2. I don't really even know how to cook a turkey. Barb is going to walk me through it. Just thought I should give credit where credit is due.
3. Don't forget that I'm not gay!


  1. I love you, Jenny. You crack me up. Roasted brussel sprouts are my current fav. In fact, the other night that's all I had for dinner.

  2. I love you too, Elizabeth. How do you do your brussel sprouts? I just put a little olive oil and salt on mine.

  3. Well, Jennifer, sounds like you and Donna might have that "non-sexual partnership" we talked about the other day. No wonder you got what I was describing so quickly! ;0)