Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Can't I Weigh 229?????

Happy Friday, Everyone!!

I said in a previous post that, for at least five years, my weight has hung out in the 230's and the 240's.

The last time I remember weighing in the 220's was in 2006.

Oops. Just let the secret out the bag.
There are people who know me who are probably wrinkling up their foreheads with confusion and saying, "Well, wait a minute..... I remember just last year when you said you weighed 200..." "....175...", "...190...".......

That's before I started telling the truth.

In the REAL world, the last time I have a conscious memory of weighing under 230 was one day when I walking down the hall at Mountain School with a fairly short skirt on. It was my second week of work there. Michelle Irish stopped me in the hall to tell me that my skirt was riding up in the back and my underwear was about to show. It was the first time we talked and the beginning of our friendship.


That morning I had weighed 225. That was probably the last time I weighed 225 and it was definitely the last time I wore that skirt.

Well, all this week, I've hovered at 230 or 231. I weigh daily. I know there are a lot of people who don't feel that is a good idea, but get over it. I do. It's another tool to help me stay accountable.

Historically, you can tell when I'm eating unconsciously by the dust on my scale.
If I'm not weighin', I'm eatin'.

This week has been 230, 231, 230.5, 230, 231.


I just want to get below that damn 3!


  1. You WILL! And soon. Just keep up the good work. And then be sure to tell us.

  2. I know the feeling. They told me not to weigh every day, that it causes too much anxiety and becomes counterproductive.

  3. It is perfectly okay to weigh everyday as long as you do it with your eyes closed. Wait that would not be truthful. Hmmmm. You will make it to the 20s then you will want that 2 in the hundreds column to become a 1. It is a process and you are processing fabulously. We are so proud of you. How is the cash diet coming? Praying for you all ways, always.