Saturday, December 17, 2011

Boring Running Log Of What I've Eaten-------------------Read Only If You Are Seriously On The Verge Of Hanging Yourself From Boredom - Part 1

Oh, I'm sorry you're so bored..... Is there anything I can do for you? Maybe you need to EAT!

It's 2:30. I still have my gown on. I've spent the morning wrapping Christmas presents, chatting with Donna and Nina, and generally being lazy. I haven't put my pedometer on yet because ------ well, because it clips to my bra.

And I normally don't wear a bra under my nightie.

Obviously, we didn't go out for brunch. I made a ham and cheese sandwich and ate it with a yellow bell pepper and 100-calorie Pringles.

Just now, when Donna made popcorn, I got out a string cheese and another 100-calorie Pringles.

But after I started eating it, I realized I wasn't really hungry. It was just the smell of the popcorn getting to me.

So I gave half the cheese to the dogs (shhhh, don't tell Nina) and I threw away the rest of the chips.

Part 2 will come after Chili's chicken fajitas, wine, gifts, and laughing until I pee.

Hopefully, I'll be able to type.


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