Sunday, December 18, 2011

Boring Running Log Of What I've Eaten-------------------Read Only If You Are Seriously On The Verge Of Hanging Yourself From Boredom - Part 2

Weekend: Done.

Many parties. Gained a bottle of Boone's Farm sangria and a pretty mirror at last night's gift exchange, and a new purse at today's purse party, and three pounds.

But, I met my goal of staying at or under 224 and I ate both of today's meals at Subway and it's less popular (in my mind) sister, Quizno's. Where I feel safe.

And at today's purse party, I was able to stay away from Barb's famous corn dip.
OK. I ate two bites. But otherwise, I stuck with carrots and sweet peas. Thank you, Barb, for filling my plate.

But, last night....... Let me tell you about last night! It was just like I expected - full of good food, good drinks, gifts exchanges with friends, and laughter until I peed my pants. What fun it was!

Here was the appetizer I shared with Donna. She ate the guacamole and I ate the salsa with a spoon. I also drank the margarita.

I kept getting refills on the salsa. So many refills that, this morning, my rings were tight from all the water retention.

I ordered chicken fajitas without any of the sides. No one would share with me. But... don't worry.... I took care of the extra food by stuffing it all into my mouth. It was greasy but, ohhhhhhhhh, so worth it.

And, yes, I ate the fajitas with ketchup.

Next time I'm going to have the Margarita Chicken that you can see across the table from my fajitas. It was a lot less oily.

And here's all of us after about four margaritas each.

Fun, fun!

But now, I'm ready for the next three days of work before the next food hurdle of Christmas.

And, after Christmas, we're going to Texas. That's when things are REALLY GOING TO GET TOUGH!!!!!

Partied-out Jenn

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