Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dieter Does Dallas................I mean, Dallas Does IN Dieter

Road Trip status: Fatter

I've been wearing my Remember bracelet but it doesn't seem to be working.

Here's the haps...
This is boring. Don't read if you can find ANYTHING ELSE TO DO! If this is all that's left in your world, then it's worth the time to read. (Or if you're marooned on a deserted island with only your lap top that will only pick up this one internet site.)

Weight: 221 - Traveled from Los Alamos to Clovis with a car filled with healthy stuff. Had Subway for dinner in the hotel room.

Weight: 220.5 - In Lubbock. Had burrito at freeb!rds where you choose what goes in it. I had a small whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans, chicken, and pico de gallo. Good choice. For dinner, we had Dickens, Texas BBQ with pinto beans. The good thing about this was that I didn't make it into a sandwich. The bad thing about this is that I ate a huge amount. And I snuck in some potato chips.

Weight: 222 - Went to Dallas. Ate fruit, veggies, and hummus on the way. Had a bowl of pinto beans at Shawnna's. So far, so good.
We went to the dine-in movie theater where I tried, I really tried!

I ordered a "veggie trio" that was celery, carrots, jicama, and hummus. OH, WAIT.... There was also ranch dressing and these little triangles of bread.

I ate it all. I mean, I ATE IT ALL.

Shawnna and Nina shared popcorn so I ate what was probably considered an appetizer plate to be shared between three or four people.

So, with my belly full and my pants unzipped, Shawnna, Nina, and I then went to a restaurant called Love And War In Texas.

Shawnna and me in front of the restaurant. And, no.... I don't have a bra on over my shirt.

At the restaurant, I shared Brisket Enchiladas and refried beans with Nina.

But I also ate the WHOLE STATE OF TEXAS IN CORNBREAD with honey butter.
And I ate the panhandle of another one!

Later, after my jeans came off and my body expanded like a airplane life vest, I ate one piece of chocolate mint fudge and THREE pieces of peanut butter fudge.

Remember, I don't like sweets. Especially fudge. Except for this fudge.

Thursday (today)
Weight 225!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.M.G.!!!
For lunch in Dallas, we went to a place called Smash Burger where I ate a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and "flash fried" asparagus and green beans.

The good thing, I only ate half the bun. The bad thing, I ate.

For dinner, Rosie shared a cheese omelet with me. I also had half the order of hash browns and half a piece of toast.

Tomorrow, we'll be in Amarillo.

I'm just going to duct tape my mouth closed.


I mean Jenny.

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  1. Full glass of water with lemon before you eat. And sip water while you eat. No more bread.....Fist size protein...2 veggies. If you have a salad. order dressing on side and just put a small blob on you plate and lightly dip.....Don't make yourself miserable....