Monday, December 5, 2011

Going To Eat The Middle Of An Omelet And Other Plans For Today

IT'S A SNOW DAY!!!!!!!



But, after my hand-to-mouth routine last night, I was back up to 225.5 this morning. Of course, the massive quantity of home made salsa (with lots of salt) probably didn't help that.

Di and I are off to a local hang-out, the Coffee Booth, for omelet middles (me), a tiny bite of omelet (her), coffee, hot tea, and free wi-fi. And lots of visiting as I'm sure there will be many other Los Alamosites there. The socializing is the best part.

I don't know what the rest of the day holds.

Probably not a very good thing, huh.

I know I'll eat beans because I made them yesterday. That will be safe and good.

What else could I p-p-pa-ppa-PLAN to do today? (Could hardly get that P word out!)

A walk? Probably not. I'm not a snow bunny.
Hanging up the rest of my Christmas lights outside? Hmmmmm. Yes.
Drink water? OK..... If you insist...... A glass for every cup of tea.
Go sledding? I wish I could get up my nerve.
Go to the Y? Nah.....
Squeeze my butt muscles while visiting with my friends? NOW, YOU'RE TALKING!

Pictures to follow. But not any of me squeezing my butt muscles.

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  1. :) I hope you've enjoyed your snow day.

    Blogger seems to have fixed the problem I had with following (or it is just toying with me) so I've tried to follow you again.

    We'll see. :}

    Thanks so much for your visits to my blog.