Monday, December 5, 2011

I Wanted To Eat Yellow Snow Because I Know That It's Calorie Free

Growing up in Texas in the 60's, we didn't have snow every often - and never very much - but my mother and my grandmother were really big on snow ice cream. But the times they made it, it was FULL of calories - cream, sugar, spices, vanilla, and sometimes eggs. It was yummy.

My mom would send me out to get the snow. I had snow boots on but she would always make me put empty bread bags over my snow boots and secure them to my legs with rubber bands. I remember bread bags not having any traction.

To get the snow, mom would give me a mixing bowl and a 1/2 cup scooper. Since there wasn't much snow, I was to skim the half cup over the top of the snow, trying not to get grass or dirt in it. I mean, I'm talking a half inch to an inch of snow. To get enough snow for enough ice cream, I'd have to leave these little cup tracks all over the front yard.

After my momma or my grandma added all the good stuff to it (including the calories), it was HEAVEN! I'd still be wanting momma to make more days after the last snow fall when it was difficult to find any snow that was still white. But, I'd search.

I didn't want any snow ice cream on our first snow day this year. If I can't have it with the vanilla, cream, and sugar...... I don't really want it.

But I still had fun on my snow day.
Here was my agenda:
*Coffee Shop for 4 hours and lots of visiting
*Grocery Store for MORE Christmas lights

And I stayed conscious and aware of my eating today. An omelet with only a little cheese for breakfast (with one piece of dry toast) and, tonight, a bowl of beans, some cheese, and lots of tomatoes.

Now, I'm in the safety and warmth of my bed far, far, away from the kitchen.
I'm about to relax with Sons Of Anarchy and dream of men young enough to be my children.

Jenn, the cradle robber (in her dreams!)

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