Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions Revisited

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!

Happy Day Before The Day Before January 1, 2012!

Happy Friday!

I’m still Texas road-tripping and am now somewhere between Munday and Amarillo. Mexican food at Abuelo’s Restaurant is awaiting me.

I’m not scared. I feel strong. This morning, I weighed 222. Three pounds more than my lowest weight, but two pounds less than my “I-refuse-to-let-the-holidays-get-me-above-this-weight weight of 224.

Tomorrow, we will get home in time for me to start cooking the black-eyed peas that a true Texan HAS to eat on New Year’s Day in order to have good luck in the coming year. I can’t think of any New Year’s Day in my life that I haven’t eaten black-eyed peas. My poor New Mexican son and Russian daughter have grown up hating them and swallowing a few like pills under duress on New Year’s Day.

I plan for this year to be no different. They don’t know what’s good for them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I REALLY want for 2012. What I REALLY, REALLY want is good health for me and my children and all the people I love; Tyler to be absolutely blown away by the love of a girl - so much that he finds himself; Nina to feel secure in knowing who she is and who she plans to become; Elisa to experience true happiness; and world peace.

I sound like a Miss America contestant, don't I?

I don’t have control over any of those since they all are – SURPRISE! – under God’s control, not Jenny’s.

So, what DO I have control over?

1. Actively take the steps to move out of Los Alamos, to Albuquerque or even possibly to the Dallas area.
2. Exercise: Initially three times a week, with the goal being daily.
3. Improve my communication skills with my relatives – my aunts and my cousins. They are my history and I want to nourish those relationships, not lose them from neglect.
4. Go on another cruise.

Oh...... and maybe I should also add:
5. Take care of my own business and leave the rest to God.

Happy Nearly New Year's!

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