Thursday, December 1, 2011



Gotcha to read again!

Not THAT kind of orgasm!

I had my lunch made by someone I consider a gourmet cook. And, knowing that I'm trying to lose weight, she made an amazing healthy lunch. And I TOOK PICTURES because she was doing things I've been never seen before. And they weren't sexual!

Now, first you have to know about Jilli. She is a basket weaver, potter, seamstress, and general crafty person. She is one of those people who can really and truly do anything.

I, a person who had to ask someone how to put the Thanksgiving turkey in the pan, eats at Subway at least five times a week, and puts ketchup on everything -- don't get to see gourmet cooks in action very often.

I had never seen pasta home made before.

I had never seen these cute little pastas from Trader Joe's. They look like little evening bags!

I had never had brussel sprouts sauteed with cinnamon apples, butternut squash, edamame, and fresh spinach.

I'd never been close to a food orgasm - especially not involving ketchup.

It was amazingly delicious. I ate two helpings of everything. Yikes.

And, the meal was topped off with homemade pumpkin cake (made from 'Cinderella pumpkins') with icing that I would have liked to squirt in my mouth.

Jilli only let me have a little bit.

And the entertainment was watching Trenton (age 1), Cricket (a dog), and Taryn (age 21) in the play tunnel.

I promised not to post the picture where Taryn was actually stuck.

It was a wonderful afternoon! Thank you so much Jilli, Taryn, and Jordan for sharing your home and your lives with me.

Tomorrow, it's back to Lean Cuisine and Subway.



  1. The afternoon was filled with friends, food, funny adventures and yes~a "I had ONE no maybe Two" moments.....We love you and wish we could see you more. And we made the famous BLOG...I think I just had another one.....Whew! multiples in one day!!!!

  2. I was looking so glam in my noodle picture...Cooking is just not a glamourous endevour...

  3. I actually think you look very artistic in that picture. You were concentrating on your craft!

  4. Looks like great fun :-) but 2 helpings!! - i am gonna be the food police Jenn!! No!! But at least there was control on the cake!! so Fair Play for that.

    Now, seriously, stop eating in subway and start cooking - the whole experience will be better if you cook for yourself, then you'll learn to love making tasty food, and you'll know exactl what is in you food - i absolultey love cooking!!

    Jilli - awesome pasta machine - i wish i had a bigger kitchen!

  5. Makes me want to do all that!

    --Lisa Brenner

  6. Jenn had a good point about Subway. With a prepared sandwich there is no chance of putting on that extra slice of meat or having a second sandwich. Portion control of an empty fridge. I get that! And it is obviously working.

  7. Deezer, how was your weigh in last night at WW? Hope it was to your liking.

    I would like to learn to cook but I still worry about the problems I would have with portion control. However, I did cook Thanksgiving and didn't overeat so it might be possible.

    Do you live in Ireland? How cool.
    I'm supposedly Black Irish. Do you know what that means? I don't.