Saturday, December 17, 2011

Party Planning

I'm laying in bed at nearly 11 in the morning feeling hungry and knowing two things:
1. I need to get out of bed and off my butt.
2. I need to make some plans for the weekend if I'm going to remain accountable.

I have had three parties in the last two days and I have three more between now and Monday morning.

My weight has been down. My weight has been up. This morning it was 223 -- up from 221.5.

That's not horrible. But I am most motivated when my weight is the lowest. Even with the gain of one and a half pounds, I can hear the faint refrains of my favorite fat song "What The Fuck, Just Give Up" playing in the background.

Here's what my weekend is looking like. In parenthesis is how I plan to be accountable and make it work.)
1. Out to brunch with Donna and Nina. Donna will want to go to Viola's. I'll have two eggs, green chili, and one piece of dry toast.
2. Helping Donna put up her Christmas tree, wrapping presents, cleaning house. I'll wear my pedometer (which really makes me move more) and focus on drinking water.
3. Saturday Christmas Party #1 at 5:30. I can only stay there an hour so my goal is for it to just be a drop by/say "hi" affair. No food, no alcohol.
4. Saturday Christmas Party #2 at 6:45. Meeting really fun people at Chili's for dinner, drinks, and gift exchange. I'll eat my Chili's standby, Chicken Fajitas, and hopefully, someone will share it with me. I'll drink three glasses of wine. I can do it.
5. Tomorrow, I'll weigh and it will be up because of the eating out and the wine. I've got to let that be OK. IT'S OK, JENN! NO REASON TO GIVE UP! Nina and I will have lunch at Subway and take a walk on the canyon rim.
6. Barb's purse party tomorrow afternoon. I can do without the snacks. That shouldn't be a problem.
7. Tomorrow night, Nina and I will drive around looking at Christmas lights. I'll want hot chocolate, but I'll do hot tea instead.
8. I'll support Nina on whatever she wants for dinner tomorrow night, but I think that for me, it should be a Subway-two-meals-in-a-roll-kind-of-day. That feels safest.

Other strategies to use?
1. Should I tell myself that any weight under 224 between now and Christmas is OK? That would give me "room" to not get down on myself while maintaining a loss of 20 pounds since September.
2. Will it help me keep accountable if I take a picture of everything I eat with the plan of posting it on my blog? I think I'll try that.
3. Should I just give up my Christmas playful self that loves to party and laugh and hole up in my bedroom? NAH....... Even I know the answer to that one.

I'm going to grab life by the horns and have fun.

Just with accountability rather than abandon.



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