Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pomegranates and Christmas Cookie Codependency - Part 1

OK. So my blog title is disjointed.

Today has been a disjointed day. I have two blog subjects and one blog.

I ate my first pomegranate today. On Facebook, I said "my first raw pomegranate". Then I got a bunch of comments asking about cooked ones. I MEANT that I'd never had pomegranate other than in juice form.

* I didn't know how to cut it.
* I didn't know that it was actually seeds that you ate though I did know it was the red part and obviously you were supposed to do more than suck the juice off the seeds.
* I didn't know that it would squirt all over my sweater, computer, phone, desk, and floor. I'm still looking at my laptop screen through little red dots.
* I didn't know that it's hard to do anything else (like work) while eating a pomegranate because the pomegranate takes all your concentration and both your hands.

I started eating my pomegranate in the teachers' lounge at lunch but took it to my office after lunch because --- by this time --- I was obsessed with it and with getting the little seeds out.

Between writing up functional behavior assessments and squirting pomegranate juice all over my office, I decided to google how to eat them. That was when my principal walked in and sat down. I inanely said, "I'm trying to learn how to eat pomegranates."

You know how sometimes the truth just sounds so stupid?

I hate it when I get caught not working.

But................ I'm really excited about discovering pomegranates in fruit form. I think it will be the perfect thing to have with me when I'm doing my hand-to-mouth routine like at Bunco, parties, and all the other times that I compulsively feel the need to keep putting something in my mouth (besides my foot).

It takes a LOOONNNGGG time to eat a pomegranate!


  1. It also stains so bad. Be careful where you eat them. Naked in the tub works great. KIDDING. I associate eating pomegranates with watching football. They are as much fun as eating pinions but more delicious.

  2. Have your fingers turned black yet?

  3. I look like I've been digging in the dirt. It's black underneath my fingernails. Lovely.

    But they are sooooooo good!