Friday, December 30, 2011

Stupid Justification To Overeat #9, 452, 775

It's amazing the lies I can tell myself. AND BELIEVE!

Today, Nina and I checked into a hotel where we were quoted the rate of $76.00 a night. However, when I got the receipt, the charge was $99 plus taxes, making the total $114.

We were in a hurry - had to be at dinner with friends in less than an hour. I chose not to question the difference in the room charge.


I decided to eat $20 worth at the hotel's free "happy hour" that was occurring when we checked in. While Nina took our bag up to the room, I went to the common area and filled a bowl with a weenie, chili, baked beans, and ketchup. I brought the bowl up to the room and sat here eating it, actually thinking that I needed to get my money's worth of the hotel.

Fifteen minutes later when we left the hotel for dinner, Nina stopped at the front desk and assertively requested that we be given the hotel rate that we were quoted. The desk clerk said, "Of Course!" and gave us a refund. I, however, couldn't give a refund of the weenie,

I really showed them, didn't I?

And isn't it interesting sick that, instead of taking care of the extra charge by TALKING ABOUT IT or DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT or STANDING UP FOR MYSELF (like Nina did), I ATE the problem.

My actual solution as a fat person, was to EAT MORE, so we would not lose out on anything we paid for.

Jeeeezzz... Sometimes I am astounded by how far my head is actually up my own butt.

At least, I didn't eat the bun and the chips and the slaw and the cheese. Thank God for small favors.

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  1. I used to do things like that too. I would skip doing what was really important to eat free food. Good luck in the new year!