Sunday, December 18, 2011


I saw this kitty cat on a shelf at the Hallmark store. I'm hoping it will still be there when their "Going Out Of Business" sale starts in February.


I like this word. I wish it was so ingrained into my thought processes that it flowed into my consciousness on a daily basis - like the words Tyler, Nina, food, lipstick, and ketchup do.

And please note the new poll. Your vote will be put in a hat. The winner will receive a gift certificate to the winning sandwich shop.

To vote, add your number to the poll on the right side of my blog. Add your name and address in the comments section under this post.

See, I'm gonna be like the big girl bloggers who have contests! And I'm already a BIG GIRL!!!

Vigilant Jenny

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  1. There's this amazing store in my area called California Sandwiches. There's only two in my city that I know of, but they have the most amazing sandwiches. Roast peppers, eggplant, zuchinni and onion in a homemade tomato sauce on a fresh kaiser roll. Mmm.

    Cassandra (