Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weight Loss and Pigging Out - All In One Day

This morning, I weighed 223. A loss of twenty-one pounds.

But, by having a day of minimum planning and maximum impulsivity, I've ended the evening by being mad at myself rather than proud of myself.

First Problem: No groceries.
So, I took an orange to work for breakfast and, for lunch, I took.........
* a can of tomato soup
* a can of Ro-tel tomatoes
* a can of french-style green beans
.................with the bizarre plan of mixing them all together and eating it.

Even I couldn't stomach that, so I ended up buying a breakfast burrito from the school cafeteria for lunch.

I live in New Mexico - the hub of breakfast burritos. Let me tell you, the school cafeteria is not the best place to get one.

Second Problem: The grocery store.
Here is how I screw around with myself: I went to the grocery store primarily to get the ingredients to make chicken tortellini soup for our staff potluck on Thursday.

While at the grocery store, I decided that chicken tortellini soup was too hard so I'd just get frozen shrimp for the staff potluck.

While still at the grocery store, I decided that I didn't have room in my freezer for the shrimp...

So I left the grocery store with just crap for myself, including:
6 frozen dinners
4 "red velvet cake" yogurts
3 bags of frozen veggies
2 pomegranates
1 onion
and a bottle of chipotle mustard

Sounds like "The Twelve Days Of Christmas", huh?

Third Problem: I didn't get what I was craving:
I left the grocery store and, with grocery bags in the car, went to meet my friend, Cathy, for dinner at a restaurant.

I'd been craving a sushi roll that I'D SWEAR was salmon, crab, and avocado last time I had it. Well, this time.... the closest I could find was salmon, CREAM CHEESE, and avocado. AND IT WAS FRIED. But that didn't stop me.

And after I finished all eight pieces, I had about a third of Cathy's "Kick-Ass Chicken Salad" - which is called "Kick-Ass" because it includes cranberries, sugared pecans, cheese, and a really yummy dressing.

Then I came home to my house that smells of dog poop that neither Tyler nor I have been able to find. Hidden dog poop is the worst.

Now I'm laying in my bed. Grumpy. Disappointed in myself. Whiny.

I wasn't going to blog but then I thought that was one step closer to not being accountable. And I do believe that accountability is one of the important keys of recovery. At least for me.

So here I am. And there you have it.

Thanks for being there.


  1. Tomorrow's a new day - just start again, go back to the supermarket, get something that when added together makes a couple of dinners, go home, write theses planned dinners on the calender in your kitchen / on the fridge and then stick to them. You'll be surprised what happens. Have some more really tasty glasses of water, and hold your head high, 21 pounds is something to be proud of!!

    Dee x

  2. And don't forget, Jenn, that this is the HARDEST SEASON OF ALL to be dieting, and yet you are attempting it! That, in itself, is commendable. Just think of what WOULD have happened to your body this season if you weren't even PARTIALLY conscious of what you are eating. 21 pounds??? At this time of year??? More power to you, woman!

  3. Thanks Dee and Kathy. After I blogged last night, I added up my calories as best I could and I really hadn't done as bad as I thought. It was over the 1230 that I am daily allotted but still not terrible. I think the sushi roll had about 600 calories.
    This morning, I weighed 222.5 so I'm happy! Dee, like you said, I'm going to try to down the water today a lot.
    Also, I impulsively (of course) order $100 PEDOMETER!!!!! I went overboard. But, I think it will probably get delivered today and I tend to walk more when wearing a pedometer - even a cheap one. I'm hoping this one will really help!