Friday, December 30, 2011

Weight Loss Challenges

Weight loss bloggers: How does one go about getting accepted into a weight loss challenge? I applied to one but did not get accepted.

And that hurt my feelers. >:(

I know that there are a lot of challenges out there. How do I find them?

Or better yet, how to I make one of my own?

Ideas? Guidance? Help? Invitation?

I like the idea of participating in a challenge.



  1. We celebrate at 4PM by opening the good champagne and having some yummy appetizers while we call our family and friends in Denmark, where it's midnight :-) New Years is a BIG thing there, so everyone is out partying.

  2. I've joined sparkpeople to do online challenges and a few other weight loss related sites. I'm not sure how else to join other challenges. Sorry I couldn't help more. Hope you have a great New year!