Wednesday, January 18, 2012

200 Or Bust


What gives??????? Has exercising my core one time already turned some of my fat into muscle and made me weigh more??

That's one of the reasons justifications rationalizations excuses I have about not wanting to exercise. I know that it can cause some weight gain as I gain muscle mass.

I also know that gaining half a pound (especially using scales that only show pounds and half-pounds) is one of the reasons that I shouldn't weigh every day.

But I do. And I will. Otherwise, I go through the day with my eyes closed.

So, the focus needs to be health, strength, balance, physical power, flexibility, self-pride, energy, better sleep -- all the things that come with exercising -- in addition to a possible small weight gain.

I've decided on a goal.

My goal is to weigh less than 200 by the day that school is out - May 25th.

17 pounds in 18 weeks. Eighteen weeks and two days.

I can do that, can't I?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the swimming pool. I always get a membership into one of our local community pools and spend summer days either in the water playing or on the deck talking and reading.

Last summer at the pool, I weighed between 240 and 250.

This year, I'm determined to be 199 or below the first day the pool opens!




  1. Like a pound a can do it!!! xoxoxo

  2. Jenniel, we weigh just about the same. I love the pool too, can't wait for the summer. I just lost 9 pounds since the start of January just by keeping track of what I am eating on I love it, you still eat what you normally eat, but you will probably eat less of it.

    1. I'm using fitnesspal, too. It's great! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Jenn - you can definately do 18 pounds in 18 weeks... no bother to you at all!! Good luck - wish we had the weather for outdoor pools here!

  4. You can totally do this. Summer is gonna rock for you... I just know it!!

  5. Swimming is one of the best ways to loose weight. Don't let that scale fool you. When I was doing my cleanse and working out the scale was not my friend. My cleanse and the exercise was adding to my muscle mass, but at the same time I was loosing inches. The measuring tape might be a better idea for you than the scale. You will see results faster with it. Remember that as you gain more muscle you will be burning more fat. Keep up the good work :)