Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Disgustingly, Embarrassingly GROSS! But Better.....

As I ponder this subject I'm about to blog about, I question whether or not I'm going to have any boundaries. Sigh.......

Because its embarrassing.

Oh, hell...... In the interest of accountability and transparency and just being myself, here goes.

At the beginning of last August, Shawnna and I measured ourselves while I was visiting her in Dallas.

Then, I measured today.

So here they are. First of August, and today.

August - 54
Today - 51.5

August - 52
Today - 47

Belly at widest part (where bellybutton is)

August - 54
Today - 50

August - 52
Today - 46

Under boobs (you know what I mean)
August - 46
Today - 41

Upper arm
August - 16
Today - 14

August - 28
Today - 26

August - 17.5
Today - 17.5

August - 11
Today - 10.5

August - 17.5
Today - 16

There. It's out there.

It's not like you didn't know I was fat. Right?

This motivates me to start exercising. If I can lose inches with just being conscious of what I'm eating and trying to not feed my feelings, it's exciting to think about what I can do with exercise!

Oh, and one more measurement.

Not a common one.

We measured the length from clavicle to nipple. (ohshitwhyamitellingTHIS?)

Mine was 14 inches.

Too old.
Too many bra-less years in the '70's.

That one stayed the same. At least it didn't get longer!

Love and kisses,
Jenny Red-Face
(But not enough to keep my mouth shut)


  1. You are my hero Jenny! I love you more than you will ever know <3 you are strong, beautiful, funny and more loving and accepting than just about anybody I know! You're REAL and that is not so easy to find these days. Keep it up Jenny, I am so proud to have you for my mother-in-law.


  2. LOL!!!!! You are just delirious!

  3. Jenn - seriously, why are u so hard on urself! All the measurements were either the same or smaller - that is a good thing!!

    Maybe to put it in your style of language you are less big!! I was gonna say less gross, as u used gross up there - but i couldn't bring myself to say it!

    You have survived 2 holiday seasons and you are smaller than when you started this journey. Pat on the back and a glass of water to celebrate. :-)

  4. I'm missing something here.. you lose 5" off your waist, 6" off your butt and your upset?

    A huge part of weight loss is mental. Motivation, focus, the desire to succeed. It is the foundation to success. Be positive. Don't look at how far you have to go or how big you are, concentrate on what you have DONE. Focus on what you have achieved and the difference between August and today.

    Don't make me come find you and kick your shrinking butt!!

    Your doing great!

  5. Losing that many inches is a great accomplishment! Stop with the negative talk.

    Also, Lane Bryant is having a bra sale. Buy two get two free. My boobs were looking very droopy yesterday and I was feeling old and sad and then I realized it was my bra. Now I am perky and happy (well somewhat happy).

  6. Congrats on the weight loss. I too am on the weight loss journey.
    Droopy boobs were gonna happen anyway, if you had kids. Be proud of those babies. Any time I start to think about my droopy boobies I remind myself about the women that have lost their breasts to cancer, and I realize how stupid I am being.
    You should be proud of your weight loss so far, I am proud of you. Your attitude will stay with you even after all the weight loss if you don't change it now.
    You've got 50 friends on this blog alone, that should make you feel awesome! :)

    Smiles Sher

  7. Just discovered your site! It looks to me like you need to pat yourself on the back.

    By the way, measuring from the belly button, that's funny. I like that. Keep in mind that we "real women" (fat, big, whatever)normally seem to have boob issues. They are big when we are heavier. Most of us lose some when we lose weight, but some are just going to always be busty. And, we will all drop; that's a given.

  8. I just started reading your blog- like, four minutes ago, I have read exactly 2 posts- and I already love your openness and honesty. There is nothing gross about you. You're an inspiration.