Monday, January 23, 2012

Help! I'm Blogging Because I've Melted Into My Chair!!

Jazzercise has kicked my butt. Now, I need to go pee and I need to go home from work and I need to get ready for Bunco......

...... but I've melted into my office chair after an amazing Jazzercise class and can't get up.

It really does feel like I've melted. My hair is wet and stringy. I can't feel my legs. My arms are shaking so much that I keep having to correct typos.

It's like a good kind of shaky paralysis. Whatever that means.....

Our school secretary is a certified Jazzercise instructor. Today was the first day of a FREE Jazzercise class that she is teaching to interested staff after school.

I thought:
"I can do this!"
"I know Jazzercise. I took some classes in the '80's."
"I've had two Core Flex classes in the last week. This will be a piece of cake!"

And now, I'm as close to laying down as one can be while sitting in an office chair with wheels.

A little more relaxed and I will need to yell "TIMMMMM-BERRRRRRRRRR".

While I was in the class, I vacillated between the vacant smiles of a simpleton to thinking "THIS SUCKS!".

But the minute it was over, I felt the elation of having achieved a goal - even though for part of the class, I just helplessly laid on the floor.

It was a great way to start the week. I want to become an exercise addict. I mean, I do addiction soooooooo good. It would be nice to be addicted to something healthy.

Last night, I posted a Marianne Williamson quote on Facebook:
"Imagine the most outrageously positive possibility for your life, claim it and consider it done."
It resonated with me last night when I read it. I thought the most outrageously positive possibility for my life would probably be to be open to the idea of another relationship with a man.

But, maybe the most outrageously positive possibility for my life would be for me to become an exercise addict.

I'm going to claim it.

I am an exercise addict.
I, Jennifer, am an exercise addict.

OK. I am. Beginning now.

That feels so much safer than a relationship. ;-)


P.S. In the interest of transparency, I need to tell you that EVERY TIME I tried to type "exercise addict", I initially typed "relationship addict".


I'm NOT a relationship addict. I'm a relationship scaredy-cat! A relationship anarchist.

Oh, don't get me going............


  1. FREUDIAN slip perhaps?! LOL! Way to go, my balloon sista'!!

  2. LOL... Freudian Slip. You have to name it , claim it, own, and be it. Great post.