Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Went Shopping! (In My Other Closet!)

This is a closet in my newly named "sewing room". Until last week, it was my son's room and there was no way to get in there.

This is where I keep my too little clothes. Not the ones from 140 pounds, 150 pounds, 160 pounds, 170 pounds, 180 pounds, 190 pounds....... those are long gone. These are clothes that I could wear at between 200 pounds and 220 pounds.

I went shopping there this morning!!!!
I haven't been able to wear any of these clothes for at least the last five years. I can't wear them all now.

But I can wear some.

Well, I can wear the only one I tried on! And I'm sure that there are others that fit, too.

OK. So they may be out of style. But, whoever said I was stylish??

And here's something else exciting!

MY BRA IS WRINKLY!!!!! Not my boobs..... they already were.

But MY BRA! I think this means that it's gotten too big!

There are other places I would have preferred to lose, but beggars can't be choosers.

Ya know?


  1. Hell yeah!!! I know. My boobs, unfortunately, have gotten wrinkly :( Like deflated beach balls...so sad :( But... stuff it all into a good and sexy bra and VOILA!! instant sex kitten ;)

  2. I was tempted to ask you to prove your statement, but I have a new years resolution to be good :)

  3. You look great. Congratulations. must feel good getting into those smaller clothes. :) You are an inspiration.

    Smiles Sher

  4. Congratulations. It is such an amazing feeling to be losing weight and to be experiencing the tangible good side effects that weight loss brings to our lives. :)