Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Experiences

My first weekend as a person living alone has been fun, obsessive, organized, and filled with new experiences.

* I had Saturday lunch with Gay where I ate consciously - good Texas chili and a salad.
* I spent the afternoon with Kara, Becky, and Cindy.
* Last night was my work post-holiday party at my boss' house. It was great fun spending time with my co-workers away from middle-school students. There was AMAZING food. I stayed away from the dessert table and the chocolate fondue but I did go to the buffet table twice for shrimp, turkey, ham, meatballs, cheese, and fried pickles! I also had a new caloric experience there (see below).
* I spent part of this afternoon with my friend, Jen, while holding her three-week-old daughter. I love playing adopted grandmother!

* I stayed up until 2am looking at crafts and DIY projects on Pinterest. I know that I need to fill the gap left from Tyler and Nina moving with something other than compulsive overeating.

And, no. I don't want to spend my time just thinking about doing things in the future. I want to decide on a craft project and get started on it this week.

1. Making kitchen magnets out of my mother's old brooches.
2. Painting my stairs (refinishing the actual steps first).
3. Making picture earrings. I have a pair of earring with the picture of three women (from maybe the 1940's) on them. People always say, "Is that a picture of your relatives?" And I have to say, "No, just a pic of some random person's relatives." I'd like to be able to say "Yes, it's a picture of my mom and her sisters from the '40's." Wouldn't that be cool? To wear your aunts in your ears?
4. Making blankets for the kids out of their old t-shirts. After someone teaches me how to sew and I get a sewing machine.
5. Refinishing my grandmother's wooden rocker that I moved to my house from my storage locker last week. And spray painting it? Hmmmm. I just know I want it in a cool color with some stencil work.
6. Framing my thermostat.
7. Making bracelets.

OK. I told you I got obsessive.

Come on, Jilli. I know you have an opinion about which one I should do. I'm thinking refinishing my grandma's rocker and making kitchen magnets out of mom's brooches.

I'm being so damn organized living by myself that I'm about to drive myself crazy!!! I'm washing each dish right after I use it, I already have my lunch for tomorrow packed, I PULLED WEEDS in my front yard day - with snow on the ground....... Ugh! I will start pulling my hair if I keep up this level of organization! It's so................................unlike me!

OK. I saved the best for last.
* Yesterday morning, I volunteered at the community theater for the first time. Getting involved in this small community theater is something that I've wanted to do SINCE I MOVED HERE! 28 YEARS AGO!!

I had committed to showing up tomorrow for the first rehearsal of the play, The Giver. I had been asked to be in charge of supervising the child actors and helping keep them on task.

Yesterday morning, I was dreading it and thinking "WHY did I say I'd do this? It's just another fly-by-night idea that I flitted on like the ADHD Gemini that I am!"

But, I walked into the theater and the first person I saw was a friend who I would always like to spend more time with, but never do. She also writes a really great blog,

It felt like a sign to see B there.

I had so much fun. I felt at home there. I'm grateful for the opportunity and very excited about being involved!

My other new experience? Well, it's a little lower on the value pole.

* At the party last night, I had Peach Schnapps. How can a shot of anything taste soooo good? And pack so many calories!

I'm beginning this week at 220.5.

Tomorrow, I'm taking my workout clothes to work and going straight to the gym after work. My goal this week is to make it to the gym or the swimming pool four afternoons.

Thanks for listening and helping me be accountable.
Love you guys,


  1. Might consider another road trip. Visit your cousin who loves you.

  2. Great stuff happening!! I'm so glad! xoxo

  3. OK, Anonymous. ;-) I think I should do that, too. But I have to wait until spring break.

  4. And, on second thought.... I shouldn't do my stairs anything like that. Looks like a dorm.