Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sucky Parenting

How come parenting can make me feel like a complete failure quicker and more intently than anything else in my life?

There are days like today where I really can't win for losing.

But even that statement shows part of the problem. Parenting, at least of your nineteen year old daughter, shouldn't be a win or lose situation. It should be win/win. At the end of the day, both parties self-esteem should be intact. Not shredded like pulled pork.

With my children, I wear my buttons on my sleeves. And they are very sensitive, "touchy" buttons. If one of them were the infamous red button that launches the missiles that begin the end of the world ............. well, we'd all be long gone now. Sorry.

Luckily, I don't wear that particular button. My buttons (and the pushing that they have endured today) have just left mine, AND NINA'S, self worth looking like BBQ burned on to the bottom of the crock pot.

Why, oh why, do I visualizes everything as food?

Nina is visiting for the weekend. I was SO EXCITED about her coming. But, in 24 hours, we have had three "fights" about....... nothing. Really, all three incidents have been me not saying or doing the "right" thing (according to her 19 years and 1 week old brain), her bitching at me as only a 19 (or 13) year old female can do, and me becoming overly dramatic and histrionic as only I, Jenn Neil, can do.

I can do drama like nobody else's business.

Blah, bleeck, grumble, urggg, yuck, fuck.

We've apologized now, we've said I Love You. I didn't eat over it THOUGH I CONSIDERED IT.

It's over. I'm tired. And sad.

And I'm thinking I should win a fucking Oscar.

Your Neighborhood Drama Queen


  1. When she gets closer to'll change. She'll go back to thinking "Mom might know something I don't".

  2. Oh Jennifer and Nina,
    Froa mother with thre an very high maintenance daughters. it will be ok.We still have disagreements to this day. As will you. But they are such a gift to me and no I don't always do it right. None of us do...We are human. And that fact that we love each other and are family is another reason. jennifer you must learn to not over mother and Niner must learn to use her words constructively....It will be ok. i love you both.

  3. And maybe someday I will learn to type...

  4. I still have these moments with my adult daughters too. They are not called Bossy Megan and Princess Leslie for nothing and they are 41and 37! Cherish the moments when you get along and remember that you had these breaking away from parents too even in your 30's.