Monday, January 30, 2012


This morning I weighed 213 pounds.


However, twice in the last 20+ years, I have gotten down in the low 200's - then sabotaged myself.

Seventeen years ago, I got down to 211 on Jenny Craig - then blew it off.
Six years ago, I got down to 203 on Weight Watchers, exercise, and Topamax - then blew it off.

How can I do something different this time?

Here are some strategies that I'm going to use within the next week to keep myself motivated and on-track:

1. Focus on exercise this week. I still don't have ANY feelings of actually "liking" any kind of exercise - though I do like how my body feels at night when I get into bed after exercising that day. I want to commit to the following strategies for the next five days:
* Monday - Jazzercise at school
* Tuesday - Core Flex at the Y
* Wednesday - Jazzercize at school
* Thursday - Core Flex at the Y
I'd also like to add going to the pool at least once this week and walking on the canyon rim trail FOR THE FIRST TIME this week.

2. DRINK WATER! Water drinking is so difficult for me and I know that it is important. I drink lots of Crystal Light lemonade that has lots of water in it, but I still think I need PLAIN WATER.
* Drink at least two of my green water bottles full of plain water a day. That's still not enough but it's better than none.

3. There is going to be lots of food and alcohol at next Sunday's Super Bowl party. I know that Jen will make AMAZINGLY EXCELLENT GOODIES that I will want to cram in my mouth.
* Remember that I don't crave sweets like some people do. I can do with a BITE. (Yes, you really can, Jenny. You just sometimes THINK you are a big sweet eater, BUT YOU'RE NOT!)
* Take two or three pomegranates to eat during the game. They are time consuming, hand-using, and good.

I'm excited about this week and the adventures that it will hold. Dinner with the Tuggles, dinner with Cathy, play rehearsal, time spent with Judy, Kara's birthday, Topper Review, Super Bowl.........

Each week that I'm successful motivates me to try the next week and to meet my challenges head on.

Here's some challenges that I know of during the next two or three months:
1. I want to be emotionally and physically available for my friend, Judy, who is undergoing chemotherapy. I don't want to deal with my sadness and anxiety about her by eating.
2. In March, I go for my two year uterine cancer check-up. On a core, dark, scary, mythological level in my head, I still associate weight loss with ill health - and being 'fat and sassy' as good health. (I mean, do you ever think of Santa Claus as sick?) I know that is one of my "myths", but it still rears it's head at times - especially when it's time for my nerve-racking oncology appointments.
3. I want to spend Spring Break in Texas visiting relatives and friends. I tend to do everything BIG (and obliviously) when in Texas - eat, drink, laugh, spend........ I must have temperance in Texas.

tem·per·ance [tem-per-uhns, tem-pruhns] noun
1. moderation or self-restraint in action, statement, etc.; self-control.
2. habitual moderation in the indulgence of a natural appetite or passion,
especially in the use of alcoholic liquors.


What are you excited about this week and what strategies are you going to use to make it successful - in WHATEVER you're trying to do?

Sophrosyne Jenn


  1. I am just amazed at how you are approaching your weight loss. You are a true inspiration. You can definitely make it through that super bowl party. Drink lots of water before you go and perhaps have a healthy salad with a lean protein and you should be able to curb your appetite. I have cut white starches out of my meals (white rice, potato, pasta etc.)I am noticing that I am not hungry after a meal anymore or craving any sweets as those starches aren't telling my pancreas to create more insulin. I joined an Afro/Brazilian dance class. Oh my gosh what a blast that is. There are women of all different ages (the youngest being 15 and the oldest being in her 60's). I have also been doing Jillian Michaels workout video's about twice a week and going to the gym twice a week. I figure I must give 100% of 100% if I want to achieve optimum health and vitality. You are doing amazing. You are on the right track. Keep up the good work :)

  2. I am excited to be walking without a cane and look forward to when I can get back to exercising. Let's do the pool for sure. You can do this because you are now conscience of your eating. If all else fails.......drink a juice. Trust me they are filling, or is that bloating?

  3. Great job! I'm excited for you. I am excited about getting a pair of roller skates this month and doing that for exercise

  4. 5day grind! You can do it!

    I'm doing the insanity program and the best part...every two weeks I get to do the "Fit Test". Fits in perfectly with my 14day mini challenges. I have two big goals: #1 Becoming a Beachbody coach and #2 Enlisting into the Military. (Husband is re-enlisting and he's going to get his butt kicked with me on this Insanity thing).


  5. Oh my god!! Jenn that's awesome news!! 213 is a brilliant number to be at right now!!

    14daygrind - i've done insanity, its exactly what it says on the tin !!

    I am excited about the fact that i am now signed up to do three 8 - 9km runs over the next three months. that means lots of training, its trail running, so its gonna be different from the usual road. I'm also excited that i completed a 5 miler in 46 minutes this weekend - the first competitive race i've done in YEARS!!

    I am excited to losing the last 10 pounds and BEING ON GOAL, AT LAST, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - AND STAYING THERE!! :-)

    Good luck with the exercise Jenn, you inspire me, you are so determined!!