Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Widdle Whiny Jenny vs. Grown-Up Jenn

I feel a little bit like I'm rebelling against myself (as I tend to do)...

I DID go to the Y but I didn't go to the treadmill. I saw someone I knew and ended up in a "Core Flex" class with them.

I liked it as far as exercise goes - even though my arms are now shaking.

We used a ball and weights and laid on the floor and lifted parts of our bodies that I had forgotten existed. I couldn't do parts of it.

Like the "plank".

And I kept being afraid I was going to fart.

But I reminded myself that I've recently lost 28 pounds with basically no exercise.
And I couldn't get myself out of a bathtub four months ago.
I couldn't sit on the ground because it was too hard to get up.
And in the last year, I've had a broken elbow. And a chronically painful knee (until I lost some weight).

I can DO this.

And I feel pretty darn proud of myself for trying.



  1. Freakin' awesome!!! You are doing so well! I wish I could get my butt to the gym more regularly!

  2. WOW! More than I will ever be able to do, but even with a spine injury - I do the planks! You can do it too and yes, you will fart! It's a good thing...

  3. You know, we all fart, Jenn! I like that you find humor in it! Sounds like you are doing great. Exercise is tough, but so worth as long as work up to it. I've never done core flex. I'm sure it was not easy. One time I went to a kickboxing class and it was advanced. I thought I killed myself and died...and I didn't finish the class. Work up to it, work up to it, work up to it...

  4. yea!! if you ever want to come over and do exercises at my house let me know--I can lead us in a private class or we can do some on the wii or xbox.

  5. That's GREAT that you did a class - and sometimes its a bit of craic when you're in it with someone. The bootcamps i did last year would have been impossible without the support of the other girls - thankfully they were outside - so i farted away! :P what is it about exercise and that!!

    The plank is tough, but try the modified plank on your knees and hands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoljlUvGZZ0 as that would build up your core to be able to in the future, if you wanted, do the full plank...


  6. I'm so proud of you!

    I love that your plan was to exercise instead of sitting with me and stuffing our faces!

    Maybe next week we can work out together and then stuff our faces...