Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Singleandhappywithit Day!

Happy Blah Blah Blah Blah Fuck This Shit Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I did pretty good today - it being the day of rich creamy food and chocolate.

I had a big candy-coated pretzel that was wonderful. The candy was just at one end of the pretzel stick. Kind of like this but prettier.

I PLANNED to just eat the pretzel end but, before I knew it - BANG! The whole thing was gone!

And, I also had a heart-shaped sucker that our attendance clerk, when she saw me walking down the middle school hallway with it in my mouth, said "Wow, that looks professional!" ;-)

Well, it is Valentine's Day.

For dinner, I had grilled salmon, a baked potato with ketchup and salsa, and two glasses of wine.

Could have been a lot worse, huh?

Well, I did binge in another way. Won't make me gain weight, didn't cost any money, but STILL!

I really do think it was replacement bingeing!

Have you ever heard of Freecycle? Most communities have it. It's an internet group where people can offer things that they no longer want, for free, to others. It's a wonderful network! I've "regifted" many things that I no longer had use for and received items that I needed, but couldn't afford.

Freecycle notices come up on my email, on my iPhone numerous times a day.

The problem is that, sometimes, I arbitrarily respond to Freecycle offers without really engaging my brain.

Today, I was the first one to respond, and therefore the "lucky winner", of a 4' artificial pre-lighted Christmas tree and a trunk full of Christmas decorations.

Now, I am the person who, in the last 10 years, has downsized from a 3200 square foot house with a garage to a 1300 square foot house with a parking pad. I am the person who has to leave half of my current Christmas decorations in my shed because there's no place to put them.

Now, I've doubled my number of Christmas bins.

On Valentine's Day, I have binged on Christmas decorations.

I guess it's better than candy.


Ho, Ho, Ho,

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  1. Oh Jenn, I just love your posts.

    Valentine's Day - I haven't been single for a long time, so I cannot identify with those difficulties right now. I do remember feeling very lonely in my twenties before I met my husband, however. I had boyfriends, but not the best kind. That was a painful time.

    I can identify with your bingeing, however. I have that same personality where it is easy to overdo anything - food, exercise, throwing up (yuck, yes I know), booze, dysfunctional love, etc. I don't think that ever changes; it is just managed.

    Be kind to yourself and get right back up. This is not easy, but things could always be worse. You could have been left with several rabbits making little bunnies for Easter!