Sunday, February 26, 2012

Choices, Consequences, and Other Sundry Sunday Thoughts

Today I went shopping again in my back room closet. I was able to fit into a size 16 dress that's been hanging back there for quite a while! I tried it on with sandals with heels that I can now walk in because my knee doesn't hurt.

Granted, it's a dress that I last wore in 1991. It's got shoulder pads and is definitely out of style. But I'm damn well gonna wear it as soon as I iron it!

Expect a picture of it later in the week. I was going to take a picture today but the dress was all wrinkly and I haven't brushed my hair today (even though it's 2:30 in the afternoon), and my legs are all dry and scaly. I decided not to subject you to that.

Isn't it wonderful when we can say the word "consequence" and smile at the same time? Being able to fit into the size 16 dress is a consequence of me making some right choices. It's a consequence of the decisions that I made this weekend. Last night, I chose not to go to Scott's party because I knew I wouldn't make good choices about what went into my mouth. Instead, I had a lovely evening taking a mile-long walk with Barb and then going to dinner with Gay and her grandkids. I know Scott's party would have been a blast. But Scott will have other parties when I am at a place in my life where the fun will be worth the added pounds. Right now, I'm pretty focused on getting as close to 200 as I can.

Today has been an unusual kind of Jenny day. I haven't left my house. I've read and watched movies on tv while CROCHETING a blanket for my dog. I also searched for (and found) my embroidery supplies. Like crocheting, I haven't embroidered anything in twenty-five or thirty years.

But I'm determined to develop some new habits.

I also yelled at my son on the phone. Not so proud of that.

But they didn't build Rome in a day.



  1. Congratulations on fitting into the dress! That always feels so great. I look forward to seeing the pic.

    Sometimes I love those lazy Sundays (Tuesday, Friday, whatever). The kind where I am in no hurry to shower or get out of my jammies. I love watching TV, reading, or sleeping on those days. My only problem is that I snack and nibble on those days too. But, they are still very nice and I do allow myself one here and there.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Jen. You sound wonderful.

  2. Lynn,
    I was drawn to your blog because of the title...always interested in someone else's life with food issues; it's easier than dealing with my own. I've run the gamut between severely anorexic to bulimic to blah, blah, blah...weight continues to be a daily struggle even though I'm at a 'normal' size but it's not how I see is a learning experience and well, I continue to learn as well as cheer on those who need it :) Hang in there becuase NO, Rome was not built in a day!