Monday, February 13, 2012


Today = 211


Goals for the week:

1. Don't be TOO facetious about Valentine's Day. (Must remember that it makes me looks BITTER.)

WHO, ME? BITTER??????????

2. Jazzercise - Monday, Jazzercise - Wednesday. Those I'll commit to, but hopefully, I'll get more exercise in.

3. Eat at Subway tonight before Bunco. Try to keep my hands away from my face tonight during Bunco!

I wish y'all could see the temptations at Bunco. When you first get there, you eat. Then once the game begins, you go from table to table. There is snacky stuff - DELICIOUS snacky stuff - at every table. I really don't know how to not keep putting things into my mouth. My hand and arm are like an old oil well in Texas - constantly going up and down between a bowl --- any bowl --- and my mouth.

I came up with the wonderful idea of eating pomegranates during Bunco. But, now the grocery store doesn't carry pomegranates! Maybe I should take some sunflower seeds that I'll have to work at to eat.

Or maybe I could just try self-control.


4. Keep any celebrating on Singleandhappywithit Day LOW CALORIE. That means... easy on the wine, easy on the food.

I want to celebrate but it's not like it needs to be a humdinger!

I need to remember that I AM single. Officially, what I call Singleandhappywithit Day is known as Singles Awareness Day, or S.A.D., for short. Google it! There's all sorts of hearts with tears and broken hearts.

WTF? In general, I was a more sadder, more lonely person when I was married.

I truly am happy 95% of the time with my single status.

Here's what I do miss:
1. Waking up in the night and being alone in the house. But kids or a roommate can remedy that. I don't miss someone in bed with me. It's not like there's any room for anyone else between me and Mo and Bootsie.
2. Having a Mr. Fixit that I don't have to pay for.
3. Having another paycheck. (And having a partner doesn't guarantee that!)

That's it! Can't think of any thing else I miss right now.

Dear Lord, just let me not eat any lonely feelings that crop up on Valentine's night. Help me remember...

Stop It, Jenny!

Love (inasingleandhappywithitsortofway),
Heh. Couldn't help myself.


  1. Seems with his retirement you have #3 without giving up any bed space. I saw a blurb on facebook that said this lady got rid of her husband because her precious dog was allergic to him. Too funny!
    So proud of you and all you are doing to go in the right direction with your weight and how you are encouraging all of us to keep moving in the right direction.
    Love you my family!

  2. Are you getting enough fiber and protein?

    From my personal experience I didn't make the connection that I need high protein something or other along with some inulin (I use Metamucil clear and natural and mix it into my food or drinks)

    Once I started to take a good multivitamin (I prefer prenatals) then having a high protein shake with fiber....I quit mindlessley eating.

    You don't necessarily need to buy into the hype type protein shakes in a can. Most of them are gross.

    I saw this quote somewhere: "At beakfast eat like a king. At lunch eat like a Princess. At dinner eat like a beggar."