Saturday, February 4, 2012

HELP! The Super Bowl Hasn't Even Started And............................................... I'm Already Losing!! (And I'm Not Talking Weight!)

After blogging about my plan on how to win the Super Bowl, I confidently went to a birthday dinner for my friend, Kara, where






First, I got into the Brie and crackers.

Then, I had TWO helpings of salmon. That's OK even though it was a lot.

I also had two helpings of mashed sweet potatoes. They were soooooooo good and buttery.

Then I had wine. And wine.

And I topped it off with a piece of wonderful chocolate cake from Trader Joe's. I can't believe it was store-bought. It was so moist and sweet and chocolatey.

And finally, I stuffed three Trader Joe's dark chocolate truffles in my mouth as I was walking out the door.

I pretty much ate UNCONSCIOUSLY. UN-VIGILANTLY. UN-MINDFULLY. All the UN words that I trying to work against.

OK. Pull it together.

* First, forgiveness. It's over, it's done, I can't go back and redo it. I've just got to learn the lessons from it.

Chocolatey Jenn

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  1. Don't worry. Each day is a new day and day to start over and stick to your plan!