Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TMI. Who????? Me??????

I feel a compelling need to announce blab (of course) that tonight was the first time in a long time.....


I didn't have to do that fat thing of turning around on my hands and knees and basically crawling out of the tub like someone hanging by their fingertips on a canyon rim.

Sorry for the visual, folks.

Thank you, weight loss and increased arm strength (Yay, Jazzercise!).

It's these small things that keep the motivation up. You might not understand unless you belong to the truly fat club, like me.

(You poor skinny people.)

Out of many blessings today, three more were weight related:

1. I spent the whole day at my office sitting on this ball.
It's really quite comfortable once you're able to get close enough to your desk to use your computer. That's the hard part.

And, if you keep your legs together, you can feel your thighs and abs getting a little workout.

2. After work, I got up my nerves to actually try some of the exercises on the ball that Patti taught us yesterday in Jazzercise.

Like leaning back on it and trying to do crunches. Yeah, right.
And laying all over it.

3. Barb (who can talk me into nearly anything - both good and bad) talked me into taking a mile and a half walk in 36 degree weather with wind gusts up to 65.
I'm glad I'm gullible and easily influenced. Thanks, Barb!

These blessings more than make up for the fact that, this morning, I was back to 211. My body must really like 211. And this was after making good choices yesterday!

This is just proof that seeing weight loss on the scales isn't everything. Bathtub-getting-out skills are just as important!

Clean Jenny


  1. I'm proud of you Jen! And Barb...keep influencing!

  2. Wow, you're really working hard! Give yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it!