Thursday, March 22, 2012

207! And That's Without Throwing Up!

This morning I weighed 207! That's the least amount I've weighed in YEARS except for week before last when I had stomach flu!!

This one counts!

And today, I'm wearing a t-shirt that is XL and I didn't have to pull it down over my knees to stretch it out over the belly.


Tonight, I'm meeting friends for dinner so I'm already planning how to handle it. I will order tilapia (dry) with habanero sauce and a baked potato with salsa. The tilapia will be twice the size as a deck of cards.

Will I only eat half?

Nah. Just because I blogged yesterday about needing to learn to say no and only eat half doesn't mean I'm ready to work on it. I'll also have a couple of glasses of white wine.

Can I really be below 200 by the time school is out of May 25th?


It will be the first time I've weighed under 200 in over 20 years~

I'm excited!

Alittlebitrebelliousbutlovinglife Jenny


  1. You will be under. I am so proud of you. Eileen and Juan said they saw you and were so proud of you and how great you look. Just wear this weight differently physically, mentally, and emotionally.