Sunday, March 18, 2012

Panties And Other Ponderings

After a weekend of eating, I had two "aha" moments. One was a significant moment of intellectual awareness, the other was more like a Jennyland brain fart.
The fart first.....

I've been disappointed for days now that I can't button or zip the size 16 jeans that Barb gave me. On my way home from Albuquerque tonight, I had the brilliant idea that the problem was the fact that I tried them on while wearing cotton panties rather than silky panties. So, immediately when I got home - even before feeding the dogs - I rushed upstairs and took off my capris and cotton panties and put on silky panties. (Don't worry, still grandma-style).

I'm here to tell you that the difference in thickness of silky vs cotton panties is negligible. Unfortunately. I was really hoping that those two inches between the button and the buttonhole would disappear with thinner panties.

So, back to the drawing board of how to get these size 16's on.

My other "aha" moment deserves some more thought. I have eaten more than planned today. (That's one way to put it.) In thinking about all that's gone into my mouth today, I became aware that I only really, really, really liked one thing - the whole wheat toast at breakfast. But that's definitely not all that I've eaten.

Today, into my tummy has gone: cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, a Denver omelet, ketchup, whole wheat toast, jam, coffee, tea, diet coke, pinto beans, grilled chicken burrito, cheese quesadilla, brisket quesadilla, and salsa. Whew!

But, at breakfast where I made myself eat the fruit before I'd let myself eat any omelet, it was really only the homemade whole-wheat-complete-with-wheat-berries toast that I savored. I would have been happy with just that. And dinner was just basically gross. I only ate a couple of bites of my burrito about which I had serious doubts that the chicken had actually ever been a live bird, before begging Tyler to share his quesadillas with me. The quesadilla was......ok. None of it was anything I ever need to eat again.

What would it be like if I ONLY ATE things that I really, really, really like? I think it would cut out a good three-fourths of what I eat!

I think I'm going to try it tomorrow. Or I'm at least going to try to keep a list of those foods I really (x3) like.

And I'm going to do it while wearing my silky grandma panties to trick y'all into thinking I'm skinnier than I am!

Delusional Jenny


  1. What'll make you skinny as Hell is a g-string.

  2. Good Morning Jen...give up the diet soda. Drink lemon water. That 2 inches just mau be some bloating..

  3. I agree with Jilli, the diet soda makes you retain water and bloat. Otherwise, you are a size 16 now, I'm sure of it. You are doing so damn well!!!! I'm so proud of you! <3 you sista!!

  4. This blog made my day. I though I was the only one that had silly ideas that silk makes you smaller than cotton. It does glide better lol. I would eat what you like but also only when your hungry. Often we force ourselves to eat when we really aren't hungry.

    1. I'm glad to find someone who understand the silk vs cotton problem!

  5. Jenn, have you read Geneen Roth's books? This is exactly what she writes about and how she lost all her weight. I don't mean that she did it by wearing silk panties, I mean that she eats exactly what she wants. I really liked her books a lot.

    1. I've heard of Geneen Roth but I don't know if I've read her books. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll google her right now!

    2. Feeding the Hungry Heart. That's the one I've read.