Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Buffet

Happy Easter, Everybunny!

Why, oh why did I think that coming to a $30.00 Easter Buffet was a good idea?

 Talk about being surrounded by food. Food literally encircled us!

The ghost of my mother that I carry inside me was quietly screaming "YOU BETTER GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH!".

 So under the circumstances (and with all that yelling going on in my brain) I think I did pretty good. OK, so it WAS three platefuls. They were luncheon-sized plates. And I filled them with tomato-cucumber salad, fruit, cheese, a small chicken breast, smoked salmon, hearts of palm and artichoke salad, and one little cheese enchilada. And for dessert, I had some granola and strawberry yogurt on it.

Coulda been worse. No candy, no chocolate.

Happy Easter! Weigh Down begins tomorrow!


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  1. Jen, you have lost soooooo much weight. I noticed it when you came to hear my sermon at the UU church a while back. I failed to mention it...being hyper focused on myself at the time (which is too often the case...take this comment for example) Anyway. Just wanted to tell you, you look great, keep it up even with the $30 buffet...just keep going post-easter!