Monday, May 14, 2012

202. Day 2. First Time In 22 Years. (Lots Of 2's.)

Hi everybody!

Today is my second day in a roll of weighing 202!  I haven't been this close to 200 since Tyler was four years old.  That was twenty-two years ago!!

Right now, it's 5:30.  I'm sitting in my office after a day of trying to rearrange my furniture in my free time.

I don't understand the physics of this but I traded my desk for a smaller desk and now don't have enough room.

I'm sitting in the midst of furniture chaos.  Stuff chaos.

And my feet are cold because they are standing on the wet spot left by my full, large Sonic diet strawberry limeade that I just spilled on the carpet.

I didn't go to Curves because I was "too busy"We know about that, don't we.........

And..... Bunco is tonight.

IT'S AN EATIN' KINDA' DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

But 202 is motivating me to suck it up, suck it in, and carry on......

I can do this!

Here's the three visuals I'm going to use tonight.....

And my favorite....



  1. hah, love the last quote and well, I couldn't agree more!

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