Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disappointment Tastes Best With Jalapenos

Today I didn't get what I wanted.

I wanted to go to Texas for my 'kinda cousins' reunion on Memorial weekend.  I wanted my daughter or my son or my ex-husband to take care of my old dog.  I was pretty well stuck on it being one of them because it needs to be someone who loves Mo.  Not just someone who will take care of him.

Anyway, they all had other plans.

I found myself going through my usual afternoon duties at work with little Jenny on the inside throwing a temper tantrum.  I mean she was stomping her feet and giving mad dog looks and sticking out her tongue at Nina, Tyler, and Charlie.

I was quite proud of myself for keeping her inside.

When I came home at 5:00, I was STARVING!!!!!  I mean grabbing-stuff-out-of-the-refrigerator-eating-a-whole-can-of-tuna-before-I-even-sat-down starving.  I actually think I still had my purse on my shoulder while I was making the tuna!

I realized that it was disappointment that I was making a tuna fish sandwich for.

Well, if you're going to feed disappointment, tuna is probably a pretty good choice.

I DID eat a whole can of tuna mixed with mustard and pickles, a little bag of Sun Chips, salsa, and pickled jalapenos.

And while eating, I got my priorities straight and reminded myself that - well, in this case - Mo's needs are the most important.  He's old, he's half-deaf, he's half-blind, he's half-senile.........

He needs his family.  Not a stranger and not a kennel.

So if I couldn't go to Texas.... I couldn't go to Texas.  

Now, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.  I could've eaten ice cream and wine and queso and chocolate and mashed potatoes and chicken fried steak and creamed style corn and french fries and a bean burrito.  And cheese enchiladas.

All the stuff that my disappointment really likes.  

But I made a different choice.  And the GREAT THING is that Nina just walked in and said that she's not leaving until the Sunday of Memorial weekend!  I was planning to be back that Monday from Texas so SURELY I can work out a good situation for Mo for one night.

Thank goodness I didn't feed my disappointment creamed style corn and chicken fried steak.

I'd be regretting it.

With love and on my way to Curves,
Grown-up Jenn

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  1. Good job! I used to try and feed my disappointment with twigs and tree bark, but it never worked! :-) Turns out Caramelo is preferred! oh well!