Friday, May 11, 2012


That Congress prohibit the use of international intervention in foreign countries.

I've had that in my head since 1970 when I took debate as a high school sophomore!  

That was the national forensic debate topic for the 1969-1970 school year.  I actually dropped the class but I've had the words stuck in my brain since then.  Right next to the song "It's A Small World After All".

I just googled it.

It's actually Resolved: That Congress should prohibit unilateral United States military intervention in foreign countries.

Oh, thank God!  That makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE!  For 43 years, I've been thinking What in the hell is international intervention???????

I wonder if I've got the words to "It's A Small World After All" all wrong.......

But anyway....

I like the idea of resolutions.  New Year's Resolutions, birthday resolutions, Monday morning resolutions..... all kinds.  That doesn't necessarily mean I DO them but I like the idea of making up my mind

That's one of my personality traits I'm ambivalent about (speaking of making up my mind)......  I can go with most anything.   You give me the Republican viewpoint and I'll truly think "Yeah, I can see that."  You give me to Democrat viewpoint and I'll honestly think "Yes, I agree".  You tell me that Christianity is the only way and I'll really think "Yes, we're on the same page".  You tell me about Hinduism and I'll absolutely think "Yes, I'm there with you".  You tell me it's best to breast feed until a child is four and I'll genuinely think "Yes, that's the road to attachment".  You tell me that breast feeding a potty-trained child is secondary sexual abuse and I'll duly think "Uh-huh, I'm with ya".

I'm ambivalent about my ambivalence because ......  it makes for a good social worker and a good therapist, I think.

But, it's just so damned wishy-washy!!

And speaking of the Time cover this week, I want to announce to my little blogging world that I only breastfed Tyler for three days.  That's right.  
But we are attached.  In fact, enmeshed.  
Is it possible that if I had breast fed him longer, I could let go of him easier???????

But that's a different blogging topic.  And one I don't want to go into.

Back to resolutions......
Three days ago, I resolved to blog every day for a week and to go to Curves for a month - in order to get myself back on track.... centered... uncockeyed. 

It feels so much better to be resolved about something.  It feels in control.  Like I've reined in the internal wild horses.  Wild pigs.  Whatever. 

The scales aren't showing it yet.  I'm still back up to 206.  But I still feel like I'm facing forward.
Thank you, God.

I love you guys.  No matter your politics, religion, or breastfeeding beliefs.  

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