Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I Took My Clothes Off And Put Them In The Trash

Hello, it's Mz No Boundaries here........

I want to tell you about today's clothing problem.  Because it has to do with fat.  Mine. 

Today, I wore a new pair of Size 16 capris and a shirt that I found when I went clothes shopping in my guest room closet that now fits.   (The shirt, not the closet.)

Mid-morning, I decided that I didn't like the "tie" at the waist band of the capris.  I mean, it's not like it actually makes the waist looser or tighter.  It was just there for show. 

So I decided to cut it off while standing at the school secretary's desk.  In front of other people, of course. 

Afterwards, our secretary said, "Jenn, did you mean to cut that hole in your shirt?"

At that point, it was a little hole.  But I had a BIG idea.  I pulled our speech therapist into my office and asked her to cut the hole a little bit bigger to make it look like a heart.  Then, maybe people would think my shirt was supposed to look that way. 

I was obviously delusional at the time. 

The hole looks more like a uvula of a screaming upside down person. 

Or maybe that's my mood. 

I don't think I'm about to start any new clothing trends.

At noon, I went to the district counselors' end-of-the-year luncheon.  Now, I already feel "less than" the other school counselors - not as smart, not as creative, not as everything else.  It's never been a comfortable group for me.  So, today, I added not as well-dressed to the "less than" list.

But the amazing thing about that was that my holey shirt gave me the courage to go ahead and be the REAL me in front of them - ordering salsa to eat with a spoon, pouring ketchup all over my bowl of beans......
It's was like a positive "oh, what the hell...." experience!!!

Yay, me!

After lunch, feeling overwhelmed with progress summaries and frustrated with the fact that NONE of the school printers were working, I decided that my capris were just WAY TOO T.I.G.H.T.  

So, in a continued state of "oh, what the hell....", I just sliced through the waist band with my trusty scissors and spent the afternoon looking like this:

And when I got home, I immediately took off my clothes and threw them away. 

So that is the story of why my clothes are in the trash.

Now at 5:30 pm, I'm sitting in my backyard in the new nightgown that Barb gave me, drinking a glass of wine, and working on the progress summaries.

Life is good.  Well, it's at least a LOT better now that I can breathe.



  1. Jennifer, hand over the scissors!!!!! You will have to be surpervised for a while before you will use them solo....

  2. I haven't cut my clothing but I have had the overwhelming urge to strip down naked at work because my clothes were too tight. However, since I sit in a cubicle, nudity is frowned upon. So I just unzipped my pants.

  3. I just laughed myself into tears. This is absolutely a "Jineil" kind of experience; damn, I miss you!!!!

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