Monday, June 25, 2012

Why God Made Gallstones

Because of summer, my birthday, and then my 40th high school reunion, I have been way off course - emotionally and foodally (another common word in Jennyland but infrequently used in the real world).

In fact, things had gotten so off course that I was planning on having a "Come To Jesus meetin'" with myself first thing this morning.  

However, we all know how little self-discipline I have. 

So last night, God tapped me on the shoulder  ---  with a gallbladder attack.  I wasn't able to sleep until nearly 5:00 this morning because of the pain.  My body was telling me to STOP THIS SHIT!

So.  I'm trying to listen to God - and my body.

More later.......


  1. I didn't see this before or else I would have asked how you were doing when I saw you on Friday. How are you doing now??

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  3. Jenn!! You haven't blogged in AGES... does this mean that you've fallen off the wagon!! :-(