Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Slowly, but going the right direction again.

Today, I unfortunately forgot one of my previous blog topics, HALT.

Don't get too ...  hungry
                      ...  angry
                      ...  lonely
                      ...  tired.

I got T.I.R.E.D.

After a summer of staying awake until 1:00, 2:00, sometimes 3:00 in the mornings and then sleeping until 10:00, 11:00, or 12:00 --- I wasn't prepared for returning to work yesterday. 

The last two days have been middle school registration and I have been in charge of doling out P.E. uniforms.   Yesterday, I whined because I was bored because of the 250 8th graders who registered, only a few came to my station in the gym to get a P.E. uniform.  Most students use their uniform from 7th grade unless they lose it, outgrow it, or burn it in a end-of-school ritual.  Jussst kidding.  I think.

But today, the 250 7th graders who registered needed uniforms.  So I spent six hours pretending I had experience fitting clothing on teenagers who refuse to go to the gym bathroom to actually try anything on.  It was a lot of standing, bending, getting up/getting down.  The joy of the day was that there was also a lot of hugging new 7th graders who had been at the elementary school where I used to be counselor. 

For lunch, I had salad, fruit, and cold baked chicken from yesterday.

OK.  And a few chips and dip (I'm pretending that had been breakfast).

But I did turn down the seven different kinds of pizza that everyone else was eating.

Until after registration.  Then, feeling soooooo tired it was hard to put one foot in front of the other and having back spasms, I found the pizza in the principal's office and ate FIVE pieces before 4:00.

Nina kept saying "Why are you eating pizza?" to which I responded, "It's my dinner." 

Like, "Duh.  Don't you know that I always eat dinner standing up in my office at 3:52 in the afternoon?"

So, since I got home, I've stayed either in the bathtub or in the bedroom - my food safety zones.  I've also been nursing my back by a hot soak and laying down.  That's why I'm officially in my room.  But I also think I'm hiding.  From food.  From my kitchen.  From the compulsion to eat "dinner #2". 

I realize that hiding from food is not a good coping mechanism.  But sometimes,  you've got to use whatever you can pull out your butt.  So, today... hiding it is. 


                                                         "You-can't-see-me Jenn"

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